Solving LokSewa Aayog questions of Karnali Province -5 minute strategy

In this article, we are going to solve LokSewa Aayog questions of Karnali province with a 5-minute strategy. Karnali province opens a post for helping staff in the fourth stage of a computer operator. It is an open competition and you need to appear in the written exam of computer operator exam. The exam is … Read more

Loksewa Aayog Computer Operator Questions with answers 2080-easy tricks to solve

Loksewa Aayog Computer Operator Na Su (Bibidh Sewa) is a technical course given priority by the Nepal government and it also separates a different sections in Lok Sewa Aayog. I provide all the Loksewa Aayog computer operator questions with answers in this article. The computer operator syllabus of lok sewa Aayog is listed under. 1) … Read more