Solving LokSewa Aayog questions of Karnali Province -5 minute strategy

In this article, we are going to solve LokSewa Aayog questions of Karnali province with a 5-minute strategy. Karnali province opens a post for helping staff in the fourth stage of a computer operator. It is an open competition and you need to appear in the written exam of computer operator exam. The exam is … Read more

Computer Operator Questions and Answers 2078- easy

Computer Operator Questions and Answers

This post is based on computer operator questions and answers. In the loksewa aayog exam the computer operator field is also one of the best platforms for tech lovers. So, this post includes objective questions answers of a computer operator. All these questions below are very very important and usually coming questions so be focused … Read more

loksewa-computer operator questions and answers | 50 questions to solve easily

Let’s talk about the Computer operator questions and answers of Lok Sewa Ayog. If we think about life and our jobs we found Government job is quite a satisfaction for many people. As we know lok Sewa is the main ladder to get into any government job. And today’s topic is computer operator questions and … Read more