NewsPro Template Download

NewsPro Template Download

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NewsPro Template Download

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NewsPro Template is a free technology blogger template. It is the best blogger theme created especially for News as it seems from its name.

 It is a magazine and multipurpose blogspot theme and suitable for sports websites, technology, gaming as well as eCommerce-based website. This responsive blogger template covers each and every topic with news-related portal websites. 

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Total case:- 155M
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Total Death:- 3.25M

It is a minimal designed theme, which contains features like admin panel, author drag drop, auto blog post, modern comments system and many more. A fast loading blogger theme with SEO friendly is a good option for freshers. Basically, the design is impressive that will attract visitors towards your websites. A minimalist theme best for fashion, travelling, personal blog, food and creative based websites. 

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