OnePlus 8T the upcomming phone

| OnePlus8t the upcoming phone | OnePlus may have only recently announced the cheaper and cheaper OnePlus Nord, but that’s unlikely to be the last we see from the corporate before the year is out. We’re still expecting to ascertain “T” models to the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro and while they are not guaranteed … Read more

What is the price of Google Pixel 4A

| What is the price of Google Pixel 4A | In this modern era, people tend to love Google by bringing technology that works to more people at a way lower cost, if not for free of charge. For those like that, I even have some good news: Google is getting really, specialized at cutting prices, while … Read more

Superzoom Realme x3.

Superzoom Realme x3 Full specification. SUPERZOOM, Nowadays many of you heard about this. Do you know what that means? It’s simple recently the Realme brand launched its new smartphone which is specialized in its camera. Yes camera I know many of wish if their camera will capture the far object easily but many smartphones cannot … Read more

Best 5 mobile phone under 7000.

Best mobile phone under 7000. Buying a smartphone is quite easy nowadays but choosing the best one is not so easy, that’s why many people sometimes buy an expensive mobile which has low quality and features. In another hand, buying a mobile inexpensive price is not affordable for everyone. So, today I’m going to tell … Read more

Oneplus 8 pro Full phone Specifications

Oneplus 8 pro review  Oneplus 8 pro Full phone Specifications After the grant success of Oneplus 8, the new model of Oneplus launched a new mobile phone recently named as Oneplus 8 pro. There was a time when OnePlus would raise its hand when anyone said the flagship killer. Now, it would be happy to see that … Read more