Object Oriented Programming Lab Questions C++

Lab Question: Class and Object Basics In this Object-Oriented Programming we focus on the topic related to C++ Object-Oriented Programming lab questions. Question:Create a C++ class called “Book” with the following attributes: Implement a constructor to initialize these attributes when an object of the class is created. Next, instantiate two objects of the “Book” class, … Read more

Object Oriented Programming Language (C++) is Better than c-programming ?

Object oriented programming (C++) language is mainly developed for overcomes the drawbacks of C++. C++ is more object oriented high-level-language use constructor and destructor which require fixed construction and principle. However, it is easier to code. C is a programming language does not adhere to the class and object concept, is the main difference between … Read more

10 Essential Remote Work Apps for Maximum Productivity

In the ever-evolving landscape of remote work, staying productive and efficient is key to success. With the new year upon us, it’s time to explore the top productivity apps that will make a significant impact on remote work. These essential tools, specifically designed for remote work, are dedicated to streamlining your tasks, fostering collaboration among … Read more

EDV OPENS IN 2024!! || Opportunity of better future

Get ready to mark your calendars and set your alarms because the highly anticipated 2024 Electronic Diversity Visa Program (EDV) results is officially publishing! Get ready to check your application and take the chance to potentially unlock life-changing opportunities. The result of EVD 2024 will be published in 2023 may 6. The lottery is administered … Read more

Class 12 Physics Important Questions

As you know the class 12 exam is near. So, for you all, I brought you the some of the most important class 12 physics questions which will definitely help you during your exam. Some of the topics are changes in 2079-80 syllabus. we ready this question according to the new syllabus. Note: The question … Read more

Every Morning I Wake Class 12 Exercise English for Free

Every Morning I Wake Class 12 Exercise with full question and answer is provided on the techguru66.com website for free. Now, every class 12 student can write and make notes from here, and also if write an answer by yourself then it helps you a lot because you can remember those Every Morning I Wake … Read more

Grade 12 English ‘Neighbours’ summary easy for exam – TG66

Today we are going to discuss the grade 12 English neighbours summary which is mostly asked in your final exam. Before starting a summary let’s grab some ideas about the writer. Timothy John Winton is an Australian author or novelist who deals with both the experience of life as well as the landscape of his … Read more

Easy way to apply for EDV-2023(Electronic Diversity Visa Program)

The starting application period for the EDV-2023 Electronic Diversity Visa program(DV) opens at noon Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Wednesday, October 6, 2021 (9:45) pm local time in Nepal, (Ashwin 21, 2077 B.S.) and closes at noon Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 (10:45) pm local time; Kartik 25, 2077 B.S.).   Note:- For … Read more