loksewa-computer operator questions and answers | 50 questions to solve easily

Let’s talk about the Computer operator questions and answers of Lok Sewa Ayog. If we think about life and our jobs we found Government job is quite a satisfaction for many people. As we know lok Sewa is the main ladder to get into any government job. And today’s topic is computer operator questions and … Read more

Black Friday Best Deals – 80% Off Coupon Codes free

Ting tong… let’s grab the biggest Black Friday Best Deals with 80% off Coupon Codes free of cost. It’s a big opportunity to buy your favorite products at a very low price. Now it’s time to buy your favorite products on the occasion of Black Friday and get exciting offers. Now you might be thinking … Read more

Rapidex Computer Course (4th Edition)

Rapidex computer course, a complete step-by-step self-learning course to learn computer operations. I am going to write some knowledgeable parts for those people who are interested to learn online. This course provides some basic information about the computer course. Here is the list of some date of edition of this book (Rapidex Computer Course):- First Edition:- … Read more

Credit Card/Debit Card Fraud Using FACEBK(Facebook) Payment Account | How To Get Your Money Back

One morning you wake up in a happy and delighted mood and suddenly your mobile rank with SMS after that you know your bank account is debited several times without your authorization. Simply, this is called Credit card or Debit card fraud. Now, how to get rid of or solve this issue? Let’s take an … Read more

MCC( Millennium Challenge Corporation ) is Good or Bad for Nepal

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is an innovative and independent U.S. foreign agency created by the U.S. Congress in January 2004 with strong bipartisan support. The only motive of  Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is to help and lead the fight against global poverty. Not only this but MCC also focuses on good country policies, ownership, and as well … Read more

11 Ways to Flirt with a Girl

Are you tired of staring at your crush? And you still don’t know how to start a conversation with her. Then, don’t worry your bro is here. Today I will tell you the 11 ways to flirt with a girl. The best tips and tricks on how to flirt with any girl or your crush are … Read more