Solving LokSewa Aayog questions of Karnali Province -5 minute strategy

In this article, we are going to solve LokSewa Aayog questions of Karnali province with a 5-minute strategy. Karnali province opens a post for helping staff in the fourth stage of a computer operator. It is an open competition and you need to appear in the written exam of computer operator exam. The exam is taken by LokSewa Aayog of Nepal.

Solving LokSewa Aayog questions of Karnali Province -5 minute strategy
Solving LokSewa Aayog questions of Karnali Province -5 minute strategy

How to solve the LokSewa Aayog questions of Karnali province?

To solve the question of Karnali province you need to know something before you go to appear for the exam.

  • The time period for this exam is only 45 minutes.
  • The full mark is 50.
  • You have given a choice question where you need to choose one right option.
  • Don’t forget to take your necessary document or your entrance card.
  • You are not allowed to take a mobile, calculator in this exam.
  • You have to mention KEY in your exam otherwise your exam paper will cancel.
  • You have to choose a different paper sheet for a different section otherwise your paper will cancel.

These are some rules you need to know before going to appear for the exam. Now, I am going to provide you with questions about Karnali Pradesh/province which is held on 2079/03/29 BS (Nepali Date). And you might know that the subject which is Computer Operator. Without any further do let’s start to solve questions.


Multiple Choice Questions (35*1=35)

1. Suppose the cell value in A4 is 20, What will be the output of the formula “IF(A4<10,5,7)”?

  • A) 0
  • B) 10
  • C) 5
  • D) 7

2. Which chart type best suits comparing values over categories?

  • A) Pie Chart
  • B) Column Chart
  • C) Line Chart
  • D) Scatter Chart

3. In MS Access, What is the maximum length of a text field?

  • A) 265
  • B) 260
  • C) 255
  • D) 250

4. A primary key field included in another table is known as …..

  • A) Foreign Key
  • B) Parent Key
  • C) Child Key
  • D) Parasite Key

5. Function which causes retrieval of any kind of data from the database is considered as …

  • A) Key
  • B) Query
  • C) Structure
  • D) Storing cycle

6. …is not a valid data type in MS Access.

  • A) Auto number
  • B) Currency
  • C) Memo
  • D) Picture

7. What view in PowerPoint lets you see your slides on the screen in a grid that makes it easy to reorganize them, or organize them into sections, just by dragging and dropping them where you want them?

  • A) Slide Sorter
  • B) Notes Page
  • C) Normal
  • D) Slide Show

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8. What PowerPoint feature do you use to apply motion effects to different slide objects?

  • A) Slide Transition
  • B) Animation Scheme
  • C) Animation Object
  • D) Slide Design

9. Which feature allows us to view slides in a slide show without manually advancing each slide?

  • A) Adding build effect
  • B) Setting Animation
  • C) Adding Transition
  • D) Adding bullets

10. The basic computer architecture was developed by…

  • A) Charles Babbage
  • B) Jhon Von Neumann
  • C) Blaise Pascal
  • D) Garden Moore
Solving LokSewa Aayog questions of Karnali Province
LokSewa Aayog questions of Karnali Province

11. Self-replicating malware that duplicates itself to spread to uninfected computers is called…

  • A) Spam
  • B) Worm
  • C) Replicator
  • D) Duplicator

12. Which generation of computers is Artificial Intelligence associated with?

  • A) Second Generation
  • B) First Generation
  • C) Fourth Generation
  • D) Fifth Generation

13. What does a video consist of?

  • A) Frames
  • B) Signals
  • C) Packets
  • D) Slots

14. Which of the following is an object-oriented programming language?

  • A) C
  • B) Java
  • C) Pascal
  • D) COBOL

15. Which of the following topology is formed when computers are networked with a switch?

  • A) Bus topology
  • B) Ring topology
  • C) Star topology
  • D) Mesh topology

16. Who issues Digital Signature certificates to the general public?

  • A) Root Certificate
  • B) Certifying Authority
  • C) SSL Certificate Issuer
  • D) National Information Technology Centre

17. 2 Kilobyte is equivalent to …

  • A) 2048 bytes
  • B) 2024 bytes
  • C) 2000 bytes
  • D) 1024 bytes

18. Which of the following technology is used to implement private networks over public networks?

  • A) WAN
  • B) MAN
  • C) SAN
  • D) VPN

19. Which of the following is a correct IPV4 Address?

  • A)
  • B) 300.143.211.64
  • C)
  • D)

20. Which of the following is a single-user operating system?

  • A) Windows
  • B) MS-DOS
  • C) MAC OS
  • D) Linux

21. Which command is used to fix the minor errors of the disk?

  • A) FDISK
  • C) CHKDDK/f

22. … uses a technique to increase data access speed by rearranging files stored on a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations.

  • A) Scandisk
  • B) Disk Defragmenter
  • C) Disk Management
  • D) Disk Format

23. Which of the following is used for quick access to commonly used commands and tools?

  • A) Status Bar
  • B) Tool Bar
  • C) Menu Bar
  • D) Title Bar

24. What is the shortcut to justify text to the center?

  • A) CTRL+A
  • B) CTRL+B
  • C) CTRL+D
  • D) CTRL+E

25. Autocorrect was originally designed to replace…….words as you type.

  • A) Misspelled
  • B) Grammatically incorrect
  • C) Short, repetitive
  • D) Long, repetitive

26. Footnotes, endnotes, and indexes are inserted in a document as ……

  • A) Bookmarks
  • B) Cross-references
  • C) Hyperlinks
  • D) Word fields
computer operator question of Karnali Pradesh
computer operator question of Karnali Pradesh

27. ……tools in the word is used to apply the same format to different character or paragraph.

  • A) Format aligner
  • B) Format poster
  • C) Format painter
  • D) Format generator

28. Table of contents in MS-Word is based on…..

  • A) Bullets and Numbering
  • B) Heading Level
  • C) Font Size
  • D) None of the above

29. Which operation is used to move a block of text?

  • A) Copy and Paste
  • B) Paste and Delete
  • C) Cut and Paste
  • D) Paste and Cut

30. Absolute cell reference can be represented as …

  • A) $B$3
  • B) B3
  • C) B$3
  • D) $B3

31. To edit a cell content in excel we use …

  • A) F10
  • B) F12
  • C)F2
  • D) F3

32. What happens when numeric data entered in a cell exceeds the width size of the column?

  • A) Number is wrapped in cell width
  • B) Column width changes
  • C) Data is displayed in exponential form
  • D) Error Message

33. Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called …

  • A) Accessing
  • B) Referencing
  • C) Updating
  • D) Functioning

34. ……is used to display only the rows that meet certain conditions and the others rows get hidden.

  • A) Filter
  • B) Sort
  • C) None of the above
  • D) Both of the above

35. Which of the following is not a built-in date time function?

  • A) Now()
  • B) Today()
  • C) Date()
  • D) Date Time()
Now the Multiple choice question ends which means your section 2 starts, which is long questions.


Give short answers (3*5=15)

1. What is Computer System? How does the Computer System work? Explain with a suitable block diagram. (1+4=5)

2. Make a list of any ten MS-DOS commands with their functions. (5)

3. What is the difference between a Word Processor System and Electronic Spreadsheet? Give a few applications of each. (3+2=5)

Multiple choice question of loksewa aayog
Short question of computer operator

These are the question which is asked on the exam of Karnali Pradesh related to the computer operator. I hope you get some ideas about these questions and if you are left to attend this exam then it might help you. And mention your answers in the comment below.

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