Recent Earthquake Update in Nepal: Jajarkot and Rukum Earthquake Update 140+ Dead and 100+ Injured

Recent Earthquake Update in Nepal: Jajarkot and Rukum Earthquake Update 140 Dead, 100+ Injured and still rescue operation is ongoing. In the recent time frame Nepal had face many earthquake incidents. The midnight of Friday 2080/07/17 at 11:45 pm (Friday, July 17, 2080, at 11:45 PM) Nepal again felt the earthquake of 6.4 rector having epicenter Jajarkot (ramidhada) and Rukum.

Jajarkot and Rukum Earthquake Update
Jajarkot and Rukum Earthquake Update: 140+ Dead, 100+ Injured

Recent earthquake report in Nepal from “National Earthquake Monitoring & Research Center” for November 3 - 4, 2023 is given below:

DateMagnitudeLocal TimeUTC TimeEpicenter
2023-11-034.604:1622:46 (Nov 2)Jajarkot
2023-11-034.300:3519:05 (Nov 2)Jajarkot
2023-11-034.200:2918:59 (Nov 2)Jajarkot
2023-11-034.500:0818:38 (Nov 2)Jajarkot
2023-11-036.423:4718:17 (Nov 2)Jajarkot

The data is based on the information provided by the Earthquake Monitoring and Research Center of the Department of Mines and Geology of Nepal.

According to the police source the dead's count from Jajarkot is 90+ and 35+ from Rukum. Till now the dead's count is 140+ and more than 100+ founds injured.

As of now, the number of casualties has tragically reached 143, with more than 100 people sustaining injuries. These numbers represent not just statistics, but the lives of friends, family members, and loved ones, forever changed by this disaster.

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The devastation caused by the earthquake has not been evenly distributed. Official sources report that Khalanga Bazaar in Bheri Nagar Palika and Nalgaad Nagarpalika have borne the brunt of the destruction. Homes, businesses, and community infrastructure have been severely damaged, leaving these areas grappling with the immense challenge of rebuilding.

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The number of injured peoples is increasing in number and still in counts. Injured people were taken to the Khalanga hospital and some of them were transferred to the surkhet hospital.

As the affected regions grapple with the aftermath of this earthquake, it's important to emphasize the resilience of the Nepali people. In the face of adversity, communities are coming together to support one another. 

According to the official source more than 36 people were already dead from the west Rukum and 27 people were hand over and remaining is in process.

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If we talk in more details then the aatbiskot Nagarpalika and Sanobheri Gaupalika were highly suffered. The number of injured people only in hospital is more than 85 and the rescue process is still going on.

128 Dead, 100 Injured

Neighbors are helping neighbors, and humanitarian organizations are mobilizing to provide vital relief, such as food, shelter, and medical care. The solidarity and compassion exhibited by these communities are a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

In the coming days and weeks, the recovery and reconstruction efforts will be challenging, but the people of Nepal have shown remarkable strength in the face of adversity time and time again. As the world rallies to support the affected regions, let us keep the victims of this earthquake in our thoughts and do what we can to aid in the recovery process. 

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Every gesture of support, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by this devastating earthquake. Together, we can help Nepal rebuild and heal.

How to Get Advance Alerts for Earthquakes in Nepal?

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Step 1: Open your mobile setting and check if there is "Safety and Emergency" option is present or not.

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