Grade 12 English 'Neighbours' summary easy for exam - TG66

Today we are going to discuss the grade 12 English neighbours summary which is mostly asked in your final exam. Before starting a summary let’s grab some ideas about the writer. Timothy John Winton is an Australian author or novelist who deals with both the experience of life as well as the landscape of his native country. He wrote many novels during this life period like Eye, the Sky (1986), Dirt Music (2001), and Breath (2008). Now let’s start the summary.

Grade 12 English ‘Neighbours’ summary

The story is based on a young couple or newly married couple who recently moved in. After a while, they feel like sojourners (temporary stay) because that area was full of European migrants. On the left-hand side of a young couple, a Macedonian family lived whereas on the right-hand side a widower lived who come from Poland.

The new couple’s house seems small but due to its high ceilings and panned (like a mirror house) windows feels like an elegant (stylish in appearance) cottage. The young couple always heard the shouted, ranting (speak) as well as screaming from the Macedonian family which disturb the young couple often.

Grade 12 English 'Neighbours' summary easy for exam - TG66
Grade 12 English 'Neighbours' summary easy for exam - TG66

It took six months to know the fact that the Macedonians are just merely (simply, normally) talking to each other. And the old polish always hammering nails into the wood and pulling them out again. This type of act feels strange for a young couple.

Due to the multicultural and multilingual suburb neighborhood, the young couple feels uncomfortable for many months and it takes time for them to involve socially with all their neighbors. The young women go to work and the young man stays at home and works on his thesis. All these things disgust their neighbor.

During the Autumn season, the young couple cleans their backyard and plants different vegetables in it. After some time the young couple made a henhouse but, sadly after some days henhouse demolish. The polish widower rebuilt that henhouse without the invitation of a young couple. The young couple never understands the old people’s language but they feel very thankful that they have such a helping neighbor.

When the young lady gets pregnant all her neighbors show love and care toward them. With a positive mindset, one of them gifted them chocolates and packets of cigarettes. The lady gifted a suit which is knitted by herself. After a long period of time, that lady gave birth to a baby boy and outside the door, 12 people were waiting for congratulating them. With the voice of the new baby boy boys, the excitement outside the house is also higher.

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All these things they feel that neighbors are the most essential part of living. No matter the language or religion. The moral of this story is we need to share love and care and well as we need to help each other while people need help.

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Meaning of some words:-

Macedonian:- From Macedonia, south-eastern Europe.

Claustrophobic:- afraid of living in confined (narrow) places.

grappa:- a kind of alcoholic beverage, a fragrant grape-based Italian brandy.

eccentric:- strange

fence:- railing

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