Download Nagarik App and apply for NOC(No Objection Certificate)

Choosing the Nagarik App and applying for NOC(No Objection Certificate) is quite an easy and simple process. But before then you need to know what is Nagarik App and how to use it. Nagarik App is software specially made for mobile by the Nepali government to provide government-related services. And today’s topic is to apply the No Objection letter from this app. Let’s start with some basic things.

Download Nagarik App and apply for NOC(No Objection Certificate)
Download Nagarik App and apply for NOC(No Objection Certificate)

This app is launched in Nepal two years ago on December 21, 2019. Right now more than one million users use this app on daily basis. In Nepal, Nagarik App plays a vital role in different fields.

What are the things we do in Nagarik App?

We can do so much work from the Nagarik app like paying a vehicle tax, making your PAN number Police Clearance Report, Driving License, Paying Malpot Health insurance board, COVID Vaccination, citizenship, passport, social security fund, voter card, press ID card, Loksewa, DOFE, NOC and many more like that.

The main plus point is this is a mobile app and user-friendly which makes it easy for everyone to use. But our main topic for today is to apply NOC from Nagarik App.

How to download Nagarik App and apply for NOC(No Objection Certificate)?

Let’s start with the simple and easy process to download Nagarik App. To download Nagarik App simply open the Play Store on your mobile if you are an android user or open your App Store if you are an iPhone user and search for Nagarik App and download from there. For an easy process click here Android and click here iPhone.

After downloading Nagarik App on your device you need to make your profile. If you already know how to make your profile in Nagarik App then well done but if you don’t know how to do this then follow my instructions. I will help you with further processes.

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Let’s move ahead and know the process of verifying your Nagarik App.

  • First of all, open the Nagarik app on your device where you have to choose your preferred language first. Choose the way you want either English or Nepali then click on next(Agadi badnuhos).
  • After that, you show some features of the Nagarik app and the only thing you do is click on the next and at last, they offer you to start the app.
  • Now the app welcomes you and asks for your number. You need to fill in your number.
Be serious at that point your number means your personal number which you brought from your own citizenship. As you know Nagarik app is a government app and all the governmental data is recorded so if you write your number then it also includes your citizenship number which you gave while taking your sim card. 
  • So, after writing your mobile number the app send you the six-digit code on your mobile and you need to paste that code into a box.
  • And in the next part, you need to provide your personal details card which proves that you are Nepali like, like your citizenship, your passport, and your voter ID card.
  • After selecting one document then you need to provide your date of birth, your birthplace your document number, and the date when your document was made. After that click on Next and move on.
  • Now automatically all details come in front of you if you place your correct details in the before section. Then, you don’t need to do anything just come near the bottom section but you have o fill all the spaces like your mother’s name, father’s name, your ole number, and many more which remain blank in this section, and then click on next.
  • Now, your app is almost ready but before that, you need to do one thing which is set the Pincode in-app and click on next.
  • Finally, your Nagarik app is ready to use.

How to apply the NOC letter from the Nagarik app?

In the above way, you can verify your Nagarik app and now follow some more steps to apply the NOC letter from the Nagarik app.

  • Open your Nagarik app and scroll down to bottom.
  • In your right bottom corner, you found the option called NOC. Click that option.
Apply from here(No Objection Letter)
  • Then you found the first interface where you need to fill in your personal details like your name according to the academic certificate, your father’s name, your mother’s name, and your permanent address (state, district, municipality, street address, ward no).
Your academic Details as well as your application details are required.
  • After that, you need to fill in your academic details in this section like your previous academic country, your previous Academic level, and your academic faculty.
  • And in the below section you need to fill in the Application detail like the country where you wanna study, institution/college/ University, your level of study, Your stream/faculty, and your subject as well.
  • In the last section, you need to fill in your Documents like your old NOC(if you have one), your offer letter/Acceptance Letter/I20/COE/COA, your other supporting documents, Your Notarized Transcript and Certificate(Marksheet), Your University/college invoice.
  • As you clearly see that the file size should not be greater than 5 MB. So, make your file small and clear.
Your other essential documents.
  • And then select Self you personally applied otherwise select studying through consultancy.
You might be confused about what is notarized documents but don't worry it's a process while you make your ward documents in that time you also notarized your all documents like your academics, your ward paper, and many more. If you are still confused then visit another article where you are more clear about the Notarized documents. Click the below link for more information.

Finally, you applied your NOC from Nagarik App in certain steps. I hope you understand each and every point which I mention above. If you still don’t understand any points or are confused then freely comment on the below section or feel free to email us. we are more than happy to help you.

And don't forget to share these articles with your friends and family. If you wanna know how to apply NOC(from start to end) then click here (also notarized info). I share all my experiences there. You found all information very useful there.

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