Computers Unraveled: Answering Your Quality Questions with Positivity and Realism

Today’s trending topic is Computers Unraveled. I am going to Answering Your Quality Questions with Positivity and Realism. Let’s start with the simple definition of computer.

A computer is an electronic device that processes data and performs tasks according to a set of instructions. It is made up of hardware and software components. The hardware components of a computer include the central processing unit (CPU), which is the brain of the computer, the memory, which stores data and programs, the input devices, such as a keyboard and mouse, and output devices, such as a monitor and printer.

Computers Unraveled: Answering Your Quality Questions with Positivity and Realism
Computers Unraveled: Answering Your Quality Questions with Positivityand Realism


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Note:- This is the 1st unit or unit-1 of IIT (BIT 1st sem).


Computer is an electronic data processing device which accept and store data input, process the data input and generates the output in a required formed. This output also referred as information.

The basic components of a computer include a central processing unit (CPU), which executes the instructions and performs arithmetic and logical operations (ALU) on data; memory, which stores data and instructions temporarily or permanently; input/output devices, such as keyboards, mice, monitors, and printers, which allow users to interact with the computer and receive information; and storage devices, such as hard disk drives and flash drives, which provide long-term storage for data and programs.

Computer Convert data into information with the help of a shit of program during this information. A computer functions in the following manual

Characteristics of computer

Speed: computer is already fast and accurate device. It can process millions instruction within second.

Accuracy :- computer results are highly accurate.

Memory:- computer have large amount of memory to hold a very light amount of data or information.

Diligence :- computer is a free form of problem like concentration and confusion and tiredness.

Power of human brain personality (Versatility) :- Unlike humans, computer, can throw humans things for unlimited period of time.

Is computer good in everything?

Computer is most powerful device that human has ever made. Consider statement everything is computer means any information you can get easily with the help of computer and its technology.

Now, the world has turned into a global village due to computer and information technology.

It is the application of computers and telecommunication equipment to store transmit and manipulate data. It refers to anything related to computing technology such as computer networking hardware software, internet or that works with this technology.

Classification of Computer

Computers are classified according to working principle, size, brand, model and purpose.

Analog :- Analogue computer is one which operates and continuous data usually a physical nature such as length, voltage or current. They are best on analogue signals that are continuous analogue signals.

This type of computer is mainly used in scientific work and not for commercial or personal purpose. It has less storage capacity, it’s accuracy is poor compare to digital computer.

An analog computer is a type of computer that operates on continuous data represented by physical quantities such as voltage, current, or frequency.

It uses electronic or mechanical devices to perform mathematical operations on these continuous values, allowing it to solve complex equations and model physical systems. Analog computers are used in applications such as engineering, physics, and control systems.

Digital :-The computer who is works on discrete data and binary system (0,1) is known as computer. Binary system of numbering in which only two digits are used well 0 represents of and 1 represents as on.

It is a multipurpose and programmable. So, it is high cost processing, more accurate and has larger memory capacity.

A digital computer is a type of computer that operates on digital data represented as binary digits, also known as bits. It processes and stores data as discrete values, using electronic circuits to perform mathematical operations and logic functions.

Digital computers are used in a wide range of applications, including scientific research, business, education, and entertainment.

Hybrid computer:- This computer has a combined best feature of both analog mague and digital computers. It can perform test of an analogue as well as digital computer and can convert data from analogue to digital and vice versa. A hybrid computer is a type of computer that combines the features of both digital and analog computers.

It can process both discrete and continuous data, allowing it to perform complex calculations and simulations. Hybrid computers are commonly used in scientific and engineering applications that require high-speed data processing and real-time control. They are also used in medical applications such as patient monitoring and diagnosis.

Computers on the basis of sizes

Super Computer:- supercomputer are largest and more expensive computer. It can perform billions of instruction per second [BIPS] and capability equal to 40000 microcomputer, due to high cost and size it is relatively real full stop it is used to only by large cooperation, government agencies mainly in area of defense, scientific research, satellite communication space administration, nuclear research or etc. CRAY-XMP/14, CDC-205, CYBER-205 ETA10, etc.

Mainframe computer :- this computers are large in size one of the powerful computer system, processing speed is slow then supercomputer but faster than mini and micro computer. It is designed for large scale data processing and huge amount of data storage.

They are access through terminal consist of screen command keyboard mouse but no processor. Terminal are attached to mainframe to perform different types of test in first in first out[FIFO] order. Mainframe are used by bank airlines railway reservation system email service providers.

Mini computer :- Released in 1960s mini computer got it’s name because of its smaller size and cost compared to mainframe computer. It’s capabilities is between mainframe and microcomputers.

It can support about so terminals and required list space. This computer is useful for medium size organization due to chip and easily to operate the main users can express Central men minicomputer through terminal standard PC.

Micro-computer :- A computer based on microprocess processor is called microcomputer. It is small and low cost. This computer has central processing unit CPU on a single chief mainly used in house, shop, store, school etc.


  • computer and education
  • computer in business
  • computer in office / government office
  • computer in communication
  • computer in bank / financial institutions
  • computer in health/medicine
  • computer in military
  • computer in robotics
  • computer in graphical design and research work
  • computer in aviation

Computer system

A computer system is a combination of various element working together to perform different activities and data processing which will make it complete set. Computer system consists of four part they are ;

  1. hardware
  2. software
  3. data / information
  4. user

Hardware : physical device of computer. They are electronic circuit and mechanical part that makeup the computer is machine. It includes input devices output devices processing devices and storage devices. Example keyboard mouse, monitor ram, hard disk etc.

Software:- Software is a Tom used to describe instruction that tell Harvard what or how to perform a task. Or set of programs and documents are collectively called software.

A program is the set of instruction return is language understand by computer to preform specific desk. Example Windows, operating system application software like word , Excel etc.

Data/information:- Data are raw facts with themselves have no significance. Data is provided is input to computer with process to generate meaningful information.

User :- User operate the computer de right computer programs or interact with computer. They follow certain process while using the hardware and software.

Advantages and Disadvantages of computer

Advantages of computers:

1. Speed and Efficiency: Computers can perform tasks faster and more accurately than humans, making them invaluable tools for businesses and individuals.

2. Storage and Retrieval: Computers can store vast amounts of data and retrieve it quickly, allowing easy access to information.

3. Communication: Computers enable people to communicate with each other around the world via email, instant messaging, video conferencing, and other digital tools.

4. Automation: Computers can automate repetitive tasks, reducing the need for human intervention and increasing productivity

.5. Entertainment: Computers can provide a wide range of entertainment options, including games, music, movies, and social media.

Disadvantages of computers:

1. Dependency: People can become too reliant on computers and technology, leading to a loss of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

2. Health Risks: Extended computer use can lead to eyestrain, back pain, and other physical and mental health problems

.3. Security Risks: Computers are vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and other security threats, which can compromise personal and sensitive information.

4. Environmental Impact: The production and disposal of computers can contribute to environmental pollution and waste.

5. Social Isolation: Excessive computer use can lead to social isolation and a lack of face-to-face interaction, which can be detrimental to mental health and wellbeing.

Overall, the entire article tells about the basics of computer with it’s characteristic, classification, computer on their size, application of computer, computer system, and the advantages and disadvantages of computer.

This article is written to help all the students and other’s as well who love to gain/read through online portal. And i hope you find easy with this article. Don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends.

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