7 ways to make YouTube shorts viral

Yeah! you heard right I am going to tell an 7 easy trick to make YouTube shorts viral. This is my personal experience which I share with you. As I am also a content creator on YouTube, I do some experiments on YouTube shorts and found some amazing results which will help you to make your YouTube shorts viral within a day. To know this amazing trick, you need to read this blog from starting to end properly and clearly.

Note: - This trick is based on newcomers on YouTube. Because if you are already a good number of subscribers then you might not interest on my blog. But if you want more subscribers and views on your YouTube then you are also the below points.
7 ways to make YouTube shorts viral
7 ways to make YouTube shorts viral

How to make YouTube shorts viral?

Here are some tips for going viral on YouTube Shorts:

  1. Create high-quality content: To make YouTube shorts viral, you need to create content that is interesting, entertaining, and visually appealing. Make sure to use good lighting and camera equipment, and try to tell a compelling story or deliver a powerful message through your Shorts.
  2. Use catchy titles and thumbnails: A catchy title and thumbnail can help draw people’s attention to your Shorts and make them more likely to click and watch.
  3. Use hashtags and participate in trending challenges: YouTube Shorts has a feature that allows you to add hashtags to your Shorts. By using relevant hashtags and participating in trending challenges, you can increase the visibility of your Shorts and make them more discoverable to a wider audience.
  4. Promote your Shorts on social media: Share your Shorts on your own social media accounts and encourage your followers to share them as well. This can help increase the reach of your Shorts and make them more likely to go viral.
  5. Collaborate with other creators: Partnering with other creators can help expose your Shorts to a new audience and increase their chances of going viral.

Keep in mind that going viral on YouTube Shorts takes time and effort. It may take several tries before you create a Short that goes viral, so don’t get discouraged if your first few Shorts don’t take off. Keep experimenting and learning from your successes and failures, and eventually you may create a Short that goes viral on YouTube.

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What is the easy trick to get viral on YouTube shorts?

As I am doing experiments on YouTube shorts and found the conclusion which I share you in the list. The easy trick to get viral on YouTube shorts and they were listed as under.

Must make 4 second YouTube Shorts

Yes, you definitely heard right. It’s sound little awkward but it works. Try to make your YouTube videos only 4 second long. Try to cover your amazing reactions only in 4 second long. I personally use 4 second videos many times and get high number of views starting from 1k to 30k.

Must make 6 second Youtube Shorts

This is another master tricks to get viral on YouTube shorts. Yes, it is totally right. 6 second is another best time frame for shorts on YouTube. According to my experience this 6 second time frame also works more efficiently on your YouTube. Try this one you will get the amazing result.

Must make 8 second YouTube Shorts

Okay! it sounds crazy, but this is another awesome trick to make your YouTube shorts viral within a day. This is also another experiment which get massive success on my own YouTube channel. Make a video having 8-second-long time frame and just see the magic on your YouTube shorts.

Must make 16 second YouTube Shorts

Now, you might be thinking that I am just joking with you guys but, believe me guys this is the thing which I personally experience on my own YouTube channel. Try to make 16-second-long YouTube Shorts and just see a massive growth on your YouTube channel.

Must make 35 second YouTube Shorts

This time frame is count as the middle range time frame cause most of the people will understand your video sense in proper manner. In this time frame (35 second) there is 50-50 chance to get views on your YouTube shorts. I also tried 35 second time frame and i get a good response from result. If your content is quite longer or mid-range, then this time frame is very suitable for you and your YouTube.

Must make 60 second YouTube Shorts

And this is the last and fantastic tricks to make your YouTube shorts viral within a day. But, according to my own experience there is quite difficult to get views in 60 second time frame. Nowadays, people love short and sweet content which will entertain people without consuming more time. But your video is based on short story then there is a high chance to get millions of views on your YouTube.

These are the 5 hidden tricks of YouTube shorts which will help you to get millions of views and subscribers within a day. This is my 1-year experimental experience on my own YouTube channel, which i share you today. If you won’t believe on me then try yourself and see the results. Your YouTube videos definitely get massive views and also gain subscribers within a day.

Note: - For your kind information, I also have a YouTube channel named DRP Vlogs. If you think my tricks really good and implement more than your expectation, then do subscribe and share my vlog channel.

Best titles to make viral on YouTube shorts

The above are the best time frame for you to make your YouTube shorts viral. But without a good title your video won’t get viral. So, read it carefully. I am going to tell you about the best title for your YouTube shorts which will help you to make viral your YouTube shorts within a day. According to my experience, titles may vary from people to people. But I personally use the title short and sweet and mostly on different language.

Yeah! you heard right try to make your title in different language. It creates more attentions to viewers and had chance to click on your video.

Can we use hashtags on our YouTube shorts

Yes, we must use hashtags on our YouTube shorts titles. Hashtags helps your video in different ways like boost video, higher chance to click, more impression, high chance of new viewers.

Mainly. people use different hashtags, but I personally use #shorts on my every YouTube shorts. Using hashtags may vary from person to person. Some people use one hashtag, some two, some three, some people also use a higher number of hashtags in their video. But I personally suggest you use one hashtag on your YouTube shorts.

Bonus point: – Use your hashtags before your title otherwise your video faces many difficulties to get viral. Eg:- #shorts Our mini vlog😱😱

So, you are reading my blog from starting to here then you might notice I use the emojis at the example section. Did you see just above example? Why I use use that emojis on that title?? This also a part of my own SEO on YouTube. After, you use a proper title and proper hashtags you also need to use a proper emoji on that title. Because nowadays people get more attracted and easily feels emoji. Emoji are the vital part to grab your audience attention. You also use emoji inside the shorts video because your first video impression will help you for more click rate.

Note: - This is the most important thing to make YouTube shorts viral is do not upload your video at private mode. Make it clear that your video must on public mode. Do not write any descriptions or any tags while uploading YouTube shorts.

Why I focus to get more views on YouTube shorts?

As you all know, being a content creator is not an easy job. And even after your so many efforts if your videos won’t get any views then it might be disappointing for you. Not only this YouTube also rewards if you hit 10 million views just in 90 days.

You are a content creator and must know these terms before uploading YouTube shorts.

  • The ratio of your video must be 9:16.
  • Try to upload from your mobile phone.
  • Must follow my above guide
  • If you are a good editor, then show your talent as well.
  • Try to show something strange and totally new things on your video.
  • Make a good thumbnail for extra glam.

After upload go to yt studio on your mobile phone, refresh and then left for an hour. Your thumbnail ratio must be 1280:720.

Now all the things are clear but if you don’t know how to upload a you tube shorts then simply follow these tricks.

  1. Open YouTube on your mobile phone.
  2. Then click on the + icon.
  3. Now, click on create a Short.
  4. Then, you can record a video or direct upload a recorded video from your mobile phone.
  5. Click on upload option and then click on Next.
  6. Now, click on create a title.
  7. Then, open YT Studio >> Add Video Thumbnail (only for extra gleam).

At last, I only say that all of the above tricks work 100% on my YouTube channel. I hope you will try this trick as well and get your desire views and subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Friends, please share this blog with your family and friends or the beginner content creator who face difficulties to grow on their YouTube career.

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