What are the best vlogger in the world

Before knowing the best vlogger in the world we must know what is “vlog” and “vlogger” means. A “vlog” means a personal website or social media account where a person regularly posts short videos. Similarly, a “vlogger” means a person who regularly posts short videos to a vlog.

And the platform where vloggers do a vlog is known as Youtube. And if we talk about Youtube then YouTube is a video-sharing service where users can watch, like, share, comment, and upload their own videos and other videos as well.

What are the best vlogger in the world
What are the best vlogger in the world

So, we are going to talk about the different vloggers of the world in the world. If we talk about vlogger and their Vlogging then it may vary according to their niche. And if we talk about the income from vlogging then as a YouTube vlogger, you can make money through YouTube Ads. You can able to run pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ads on your videos.

Without further ado let’s list the best vlogger in the world.

List of Best vloggers in the world

Here is the list of the best vloggers in the world.

S.NNameSubscribersCountry (Location)Date of joinDescriptionChannel viewsBusiness EmailSocial Links
1.Roman Atwood Vlogs15.5MUnited StatesAug 13, 2013Welcome to our family 🙂 Smile More5,452,347,477No business emailInstagram
2.Casey Neistat12.5MUnited StatesFeb 16, 2010new york city3,082,748,690No business emailInstagram
3.Tyler Oakley6.86MUnited StatesSep 19, 2007Welcome to the official Tyler Oakley YouTube channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of LGBTQ+ content, Q&A’s, challenges, and super fun videos, including collaborations with YouTubers, celebrity collaborations & interviews. I make lots of stuff on the Internet. Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications, so you never miss a video!682,515,537tyleroakley@select.coFacebook
4.Amazing Phil3.94MUnited KingdomFeb 8, 2006AmazingPhil – I share my strange life with the internet!
Subscribe to see what happens next ^_^
5.Alfie Deyes Vlogs3.64MUnited KingdomMar 12, 2010Business Enquiries: Enquiries@AlfieDeyes.com1,065,793,785Business Email:- enquiries@AlfieDeyes.comNo social links
6.Vlog Brothers3.49MUnited StatesJan 2, 2007Raising nerdy to the power of awesome.910,058,657No Business EmailTwiter(hankgreen)
7.Ali Abdaal3.47MUnited KingdomNov 21, 2007Hey there 😀 I’m Ali, a former doctor turned entrepreneur. Across my videos, podcast, and writing, we explore evidence-based strategies and tools that can help us live our best lives.
Have a great day! Hey there 😀 I’m Ali, a former doctor turned entrepreneur. Across my videos, podcast, and writing, we explore evidence-based strategies and tools that can help us live our best lives.
Have a great day!
8.Lilly Singh Vlogs2.74MCanadaDec 27, 2011Spent thousands of dollars on tuition, graduated, and got a degree. I make YouTube videos now. I am also a happy unicorn that believes in one love. Join me on my adventures!!
Business Inquiries:
1661 Denison Street (PO Box 76595)
Markham, ON L3R 6E0
9.Lost Leblanc2.04MUnited StatesJan 4, 2015QUIT my job to travel the world. This is my story of unconditionally pursuing my passion for filmmaking and travel.
Subscribe to join the adventure and let’s #GetLost together!
10.Fun For Louis1.97MUnited StatesNov 7, 2011My name is Louis Cole. I make a Daily Vlog of my life! I enjoy traveling the world with friends, having fun, and inspiring others!331,502,413louis@livetheadventure.clubFacebook
11.Sawyer Hartman1.92MUnited StatesNov 29, 2010Learn Photography | Stay Motivated
Film Director / Travel Vlogger Making Content For Content Creators!
photography #film #tutorials #howto #travel
Subscribe to get my videos in your Youtube subscription box!
for all business inquiries contact
Twitter/ Instagram / TikTok
12.Dan is Not Interesting (Daniel Howell)1.68MEnglandJan 8, 2010Welcome to Dan’s “SIDE CHANNEL” a liminal space where the lost content of the universe comes to die.
What can you expect here? INTIMATE and CASUAL content that reveals the real Dan – behind-the-scenes content, bonus content, and occasionally bizarrely good content that for some reason Dan felt too neurotic to upload on main.
Subscribe to the promise of no interesting content and the secrets of this hidden realm will reveal themselves to you. Welcome.
13.Jon Olsson1.54MMonacoSep 22, 2007No description464,908,229jon@olssondeler.comInstagram
14.Kold1.29MCanadaOct 4, 2008filmmaker/Extreme58,642,447management@samkolder.comFacebook
15.Jay Alvarrez1.23MUnited StatesFeb 10, 2012Instagram @Jayalvarrez
For only Serious Inquires please contact –
16.DRP Vlogs384NepalAug 17, 2021Hello there, this is DRP Vlogs. This is my vlog channel. On this channel, I will share my life with you all guys. I am a Vlogger. For Sponsorship and for collaboration. Gmail:- Love from DRP Vlogs… #drpvlogs #DRP_Vlogs #vlogger_near_nepalgunj #vloggernearme #DRPVlogs #shorts213,452drpvlogs9317@gmail.comFacebook
17.Vagabrothers1.15MUnited StatesOct 5, 2013We’re Alex and Marko. We LIVE to TRAVEL. Our journey of CULTURAL and CULINARY DISCOVERY takes us to some of the MOST INTERESTING PLACES in the WORLD. Want to come with me? Subscribe.
Stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you on the road!
Alex & Marko Ayling
18.Rachel Aust797KAustraliaOct 11, 2011I’m the weird gothy friend that likes going to the gym. Here I document my days.
Nutritionist – Personal Trainer – Wellness Coach
19.Azlia Williams779KUnited StatesFeb 13, 2014instagram: @azlia.williams
second instagram: @azleeuh
20.Cameron Phillips748KCanadaSep 26, 201626 y/o good boy169,468,879mgmt@cameronphilip.comInstagram
21.Ben Brown648KUnited KingdomOct 16, 2006The Next Chapter145,600,223me@benjam.ukInstagram
22.Hey Nadine499KCanadaNov 25, 2006SUBSCRIBE for expert travel advice and wanderlust adventures! I upload new videos every week.
I make travel vlogs, give travel tips + advice, and create destination and packing guides. Plus, with the addition of our newest family member, family videos + RV/campervan life!
Read more about me and what I do here:
Buy my How-to-Travel eBook :
Learn how to be a Travel Vlogger:
23.Holly Gabrielle434KUnited KingdomAug 17, 2014i vlog my life 🎥
vegan for the animals and the planet 🐢🌏
Cambridge natural sciences graduate now studying cancer biology @ UCL 🧬
co-founder of @narnastore | come and join the #narnasquad @ 🍌
online tutoring @ 📚
24.Janni Deler398KSwedenSep 13, 2013Janni Delér is a blogger from Stockholm, Sweden living in Monaco. Love to travel and see the world, also have a huge interest in fashion, training, and food!68,665,240janni@deler.seInstagram
25.Kristen & Siya324KUnited StatesAug 20, 2010Hey! We’re Kristen and Siya. Want to learn how to live life on the road or build your dream life in a tropical paradise? You’ve come to the right place.
We’re giving you tips, tools, and advice for full-time RV and Tiny House living as we travel across North America in our renovated 1976 vintage Airstream. The highlights, the struggles, the endless repairs, and balancing family life and work life on the road. We also purchased land in an eco-community in Costa Rica where we’ll eventually be shipping our Airstream to. Here, we’ll be living and building a community with hundreds of people from around the globe. We’re sharing the highs and lows of living in 200 sqft full-time as a family and the process of moving our lives…and our home on wheels to another country.
26.Nayna Florence273KUnited KingdomMar 11, 2014just grateful to be here ✨18,255,486nayna@sixteenth.coInstagram
27.RayaWasHere188KUnited StatesJan 16, 2014Hey! My name is Raya and I make videos about Conscious Living & Self Love. RayaWasHere is all about passion, inspiration, travel, adventure, sustainability, conscious living practices, self-growth, and self-love. Welcome 🙂14,889,497raya@livetheadventure.clubInstagram

These are the list of the best vloggers in the world. I include the name and other details according to their youtube. If you think I make any rush or include any personal details of users then I am extremely sorry about that.

I just try to inform you or provide you with knowledge about the different best vloggers in the world which you may remain uninformed till now. And I hope you may find this blog very helpful. If you think so then don’t forget to share this blog.

Note:- Youtube split your income into two percentage which is 45% for YouTube and 55% for the creator.

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Many people are wondering how to make money on YouTube, the most common question. And as always there is a simple concept which is pretty simple if you join the YouTube Partner Program, you start to earn money through ad revenue of your video ads that show before, during, or after your videos.

Thank you for your time don’t forget to share this blog. And also mention your favorite vlogger in the comment section.

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