VFS global appointment online:- 5 rules to make it easy

The easy way for vfs global appointment online. Nowadays the craze for foreign travel is rapidly increasing according to recent data. In that craze, many of them are students who basically travel for their higher education. And during all that process the VFS also plays a vital role for each and every student who plans to fulfill their career. So, what is vfs global, and how vfs help us while traveling to our dream country or foreign country? Don’t worry I will explain each and every part of this article and I hope you read each of them and also share them with your friends which will help them to learn about VFS Global. Without further delay let’s start…

Starting with the meaning of VFS, vfs stands for “Visa Facilitation Services Global,” which manages visa and passport issuance-related administrative and non-discretionary tasks for its client governments. VFS is also known as Biometric. And biometric dates are available easily online. You can book a biometric date for different countries but I am gonna tell you about the date booking process in Australia. All the process is the same only the date and location maybe when you apply for a biometric date.

vfs global login

After knowing little about the VFS now let’s move toward the whole process to book an appointment for biometrics data for Australia. To book a biometric data or VFS date for Australia you have to follow some steps below:-

  • First of all, you will need to open the VFS Global page or simply click on this link… If you have already an account but if you don’t have an account then? make your account first.
  • To make a New User account you need to fill the “New User Registration” By providing your First name, Last name, Email ID, Contact Number, and at last your Passport number.
  • After that, you will need to log in through your given email address and your password.
  • Now you got a mail with the activation link click on that link and re-login and click on Schedule your appointment.

Now, you also from the above points know how to book the Biometric date online but each and every process is still hidden right. Now, we are going to discuss that. Each step guide is given below so be attentive to that points.

  • After clicking on the scheduled appointment you need to select “Only Biometrics” for the purpose of travel.
  • After that select the date which is suitable for you and make a hard copy of that document.

What are the requirements while attending Biometrics for Australian Visa in VFS Global Nepal?

  • The following are the given requirement which is most essential while doing biometrics.
  • Your original passport
  • The Letter for Biometrics from Embassy
  • VFS payment Draft slip(Basically in the cheque form)
  • You must need to present by yourself.
  • Your appointment letter for Biometrics

What is the bad side of VFS Global?

There is no such bad side but there are some rules you need to follow very strictly if you do not follow those rules then you will have to face them in the future. So, the following are the 5 rules to make it easy in your vfs process if you take it seriously.

  • Rule no. 1:- You need to carry your appointment letter with you at your scheduled date to the AVAC to show it to the staff.
  • Rule no. 2:- Make sure that you have to reach Australian Visa Application Center, like Chhaya Center/Complex within 15 min. Otherwise, you may lose your Biometric date of appointment.
  • Rule no. 3:- Mistakely if you lost your appointment on that day then the system/rule will not allow you to reschedule or cancel. After that, you need to book a new appointment only after 24 hours. So, be conscious about your documents and double-check your document while leaving your home.
  • Rule no. 4:- If your name does not match the one used for booking the appointment then the application will not be accepted at the AVAC. So, always be genuine with your documents.
  • Rule no. 5:- You can reschedule your appointment only 2 times and only for a future date. It means you cannot reschedule your appointment in the past few days.

So, these are the 5 rules to make it easy and you need to follow them very strictly to make your biometric date successful.

What are the things we need to do inside the Biometric center?

Note this point is not answered by everyone to explain this point and answer it correctly you will need an experience and I have that experience. So, I am going to explain according to my experience. First of all my Biometric or VFS center is on the Chhaya complex/center 3rd floor. I got the appointment date during the evening time. If you wanna know the exact location then I will mention that also in the below.

After reaching there with my proper documents the guard helped me to collect my documents and let me into the VFS Global office. Then, inside the VFS office, you will need to take a digital coupon and fill out a small form. If you don’t know anything then just call for help a cute and helping nature lady is always for your help. Then after filling out that form you need to wait for your turn.

Depending upon the mass your turn will be decided. After a while, your token number will be spoken by a computer and at that time you have visited the spoken table number where you have to submit your documents which are required for biometrics also they ask for your name, date of birth, and your phone number and email as well. A certain inquiry type.

biometric date in nepal

The process takes a little time so don’t panic about that be calm and stay clean. One more thing the draft amount was also submitted along with your other documents in this table. After they finished their work then they will send you to the booth for your further process. And again you need to do some waiting for your turn. There are 4 different booths (rooms) for your further process.

After a while, your ticket number is announced and you need to enter the given booth number. And inside the room, a staff with a laptop and having DSLR with a stand is on standby to click your picture for biometric data collection. He/she clicks your picture and he/she also asks for your fingerprint on each thumb. In this room, you only gave your fingerprint and your image for biometric data collection.

Finally, you came outside the door and your biometric date is successfully done. Now you happily return to your home.

Note:- During the biometric period you have to be more careful about your fingers. If you cut your fingers or do any unnecessary activities with your fingers then it might be hard for you during the biometric/VFS because the main motive to collect the biometric is to collect the physical detail or your fingerprint detail. So, be careful during the biometric period.

Now, these are my own experience which I share with you today in the form of this article. If you think this article is good and real then share it with your friends who are planning to do an aborad study or those who are at the stage of Biometric date appointment.

All about the location of Chhaya complex/Center

As I told you in the above passage the location of the Chhaya complex/center is in Chhaya Devi Complex, Amrit Marg, Kathmandu. As you know before all these processes you already go through the process of NOC documentation process right.

So, if you visit the NOC office located at Kesar library or Garden of dream(it might be easier to understand the location) You may be clearly known to that location. For the best route to Chhaya center, you don’t need to do anything you just take a straight from Kesar library towards the Thamel and after reaching the turning you have to take your right side for Chhaya center. After a walk of 1 min, you will reach Chhaya center which is located on the right side of your hand.

Chhaya complex/center

I don’t know in which year you are going to read this article or you never read it maybe anything can happen. This article is written in the year 2022. Tell me when you read this article in the comment box. After telling all these things if you still find anything hard then feel free to email me. I will definitely help you. I hope you got your visa soon and be a safe journey in your life.

If you wanna know how to take your NOC letter in your hand then click here. A full explanation from beginning to the end according to my experience.

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