Step-by-step process to get NOC(No Objection Certificate)

NOC which is generally called the NO objection certificate granted by the Government of Nepal for Nepalese students who wanna go abroad for their studies. The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MOEST) provides the NOC (No Objection Certificate) letter to all Nepalese students. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the step-by-step process to get NOC(No Objection Certificate) letter.

NOC(No objection Certificate)

How to get NOC in Nepal?

I know you are searching on the web like the same how to get NOC in Nepal, how to get NOC online, and many other ideas, and after searching that you found our site that’s why you are reading this line right now. Am I right? But don’t worry I am here to help you and teach you how to get NOC in Nepal easily. To get your NOC or to fill out the form NOC you need to follow the steps below:

  • First of all, go to google and search for the NOC form online or just click here.
  • After that, you found the home interface of MOEST(Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology) then you need to type your phone number in that box like in the above box.
  • After typing your number there you found a 6-digit code on your mobile phone. You need to type that number in that box and click to proceed. But if you do not get any code then there is an option called resend click that option and wait for a moment.
  • Then, you have to set your password and type password confirmation, and then click to submit.
  • Now, you need to type your E-mail and request for a token and your token will send in your E-mail. So, provide a valid G-mail otherwise you get in trouble.
  • Get your token by E-mail and fill in NOC online portal like this.
You can also apply for your No Objection Certificate through the Nagarik app(Only for Nepali). To download the Nagarik app click here for Andriod users and click here for iPhone users. After downloading the app you have to make your Id and after that, you need to go to the NOC option and click there. If you wanna more then click here.
NOC Token
  • After filling out the token you need to fill little more information about yourself like citizenship number, your full name, gender, father name, mother name, permanent address, scanned citizenship, and many more.

Note:- In the upload section you only upload the image format like JEPG, PNG and etc.

  • On the next page, you need to fill in your passport number, date of birth in AD, and your scanned passport. And if you don’t have a passport then tick on I don’t have a passport option. You are ready now to apply for NOC.

How do you fill up a NOC?

Filling NOC(No Objection Certificate) is quite an easy and Short method but still if you found hard then follow these steps. Now read it more carefully otherwise you miss your NOC.

  • In the select previous academic country, you need to select Nepal or your country name where you studied up to, and in another box, you have to select the previous academic level like +2, bachelor, and more. And in the third box, you need to select your previous academic stream.
  • After that, you need to write your name according to your academic certificate.
  • In the next box, you need to write your father or mother’s name.
  • In the next box, you need to write your old NOC if you have already one. If this is your first time then no need to write anything in this box.
  • Slightly after that box, you have a question called requested by guardian which means if you are unavailable to reach the NOC office and your parents are going there instead of you then tick that box and write your guardian’s name and address in the below box.

Note:- The name of your parents must be clear and must be linked with your citizenship so they must be your father or your mother otherwise it may fall into difficulties.

  • Now you need to select the country where you wanna go for your further study. In this article, I am going to write about Australia for my bachelor in Science stream and the course is IT (Information Technology). The course may be different according to your study but the process is the same.
  • Then, you need to write your percentage. Most people go after +2 so I also talk about the +2 percentage. This section is also different according to your subject.

Note:- You also meet the criteria for your further studies you have less than 50% in your +2 mark sheet then you might not be eligible to apply for science or any other related subject. So, for a better subject, you need a better percentage o to apply.

NOC requirements
  • After writing your percentage you need to upload your notarized transfer or migration certificate, notarized +2 or Diploma certificate, your offer letter, your university or college invoice, or old NOC if you have any.
  • Now you have the options like studying through consultancy or self. Here you need to select if you are applying through any consultancy then select studying through consultancy or if you are applying by yourself then select self.
  • If you choose any consultancy then write the consultancy name and upload the recommendation letter and click on confirm after you did.
  • Again you have an option to recheck your all documents. If you think all are fine then click to proceed. It takes a certain time and finally your NOC is submitted successfully and you got your Application number on your screen.

After a certain period of time, you also get notified on your phone with that same applicant ID. And you have to wait for online verification of that submitted file. I don’t know when you read this article but in a recent scenario, this is the process to get NOC online. You have to upload all your documents and necessary information online and wait to be verified after verification you need to visit the NOC office (Keisar Mall).

What is a Notarized Document?

To prove that the document is not fake/fraud certified by a notary public, a licensed public officer who serves as an impartial witness to the signing of the documents and makes it authentic and legitimate is called a notarized document. It is the most essential part while you do your paperwork. I think you recently pass out of these steps.

What thinks we need to do after reaching the NOC office (Keisar Mall)?

What thinks we need to do after reaching the NOC office (Keisar Mall)

As you know that we only visit kaiser mall after our application was verified. And after reaching there we have to do many things but let me tell you first which are the required documents which are necessary to take while visit Keisar mall or No Objection Certificate office.

Here is the list of Necessary documents required in MOEST office. According to the situation, their visiting system may change a certain time ago due to mass population they made a token system. You need to take a token a day ago and visit the next day for your Documentation but if the crowd is minimum then you directly visit the office and finish your work on the same day. Keep in mind what is the situation when you go for your no objection letter or certificate.

  • Your academics like your migration or your aggregate copy.
  • Your subject details paper where you have all your personal information as well as your course details. (If you are applying through consultancy then you don’t need to worry but if you applied by yourself then you need to visit the online portal of No Objection Certificate(your profile) and download that paper from there. At the bottom of that paper you need to do your signature so, don’t forget that.
  • Your offer letter.
  • Course payment/invoice slip (The current rate is 2000 per subject). You can do your payment through esewa or any other online platform. You also found a person inside who does all this work with certain charges.
  • Your citizenship copy as well as your original citizenship.
  • Your passport (original and copies both).
After having all documents ready you have to go for rooms number 4, and 5 which you found easy but probably most students go for room number 4. In that room, an officer checks all of your documents and maybe they ask about your personal information and which course you are going to study. And then they send you to room number 6 with a document for your final process.

Now, in room number 6 you have to submit that document, and an officer checks that document and asks for your autograph(Signature). Then you are done according to your course you got your NOC like if you have one subject then you got two paper of NOC one for your bank and one for you. But if you have more than one subject then the NOC paper is also increasing like that.

Finally, you are happy to go home and note one point you have to submit the “Bank parti” paper to the bank and another one is for you.

In this way, we can easily get our NOC documents. I hope you understand the process if you don’t then kindly comment or mail us. We are more than happy to help you.

What if our NOC documents are not verified online?

There is a reason for not verifying your NOC documents like if you already applied for your NOC letter, in that case, your verification is remain pending. Sometimes due to technical errors, your verification remains pending or due to a mass number of people.

Anything is the reason. If you read this article right now then you should know the reason for your non-verification of NOC documents. But, in most cases the 1st reason suits. Now, how to solve this problem and verified our NOC documents? Don’t worry I will tell you.

To verify your NOC document you need to visit the NOC office personally. After going inside there you need to go for room number 3 first and request an officer for your document verification. Be polite with that staff because he is aggressive though.

The only thing you need to do is request and he will definitely help you with your document verification. After a certain period of time, your documents will be verified and you also get a message of verification. Then just follow the above points for the further process which I mentioned in the above paragraph.

When is the NOC office open?

6 days a week the NOC office remains open only Saturday remains a holiday. Morning 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

What are the uses of the NOC letters?

The main motive of NOC is clear from its name like No Objection Letter/Certificate which means there is no objection from Nepal for your further studies abroad. Am I right? Firstly, the NOC is used in the bank while you transfer your fees towards your college or university. And secondly, when you travel abroad. It is mandatory to show your NOC letter at the airport while you travel.

How can we get a No Objection Letter at home?

You only fill out your online form at home after verification you need to visit the office for your No Objection Letter. There is not any process to get a No Objection Letter at home. But, instead of you, if your parents or relatives go there then you may be get your all documents at home. But, I suggest you visit the office personally. It helps you a lot to know various things like the process and also the location.

Now this much for this session. I hope I cover all the important things about the No Objection Letter. But, if you think I left any of the things then kindly comment below. If anything is left then I will update it later.

Thanks for your time and if you think this article is worth sharing then kindly share it with your friends and family. They also get familiar with this title. If you wanna know about the whole process of VFS Global or Biometric online appointment then click here.I am not copying from any other sites. This is my own experience which i share with you and think it helps you a lot. That's why I write this article today.

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