How to book a pte exam-save money trick

Many of us don’t know how to Book a pte exam. But it is quite simple. If you really planning to study abroad or wants to migrate internationally then PTE Academic is the right option for you, but how to book a pte exam? this might be a big problem for you but don’t worry I will guide you through the entire process.

First of all, I make it clear that the pte exam dates are easier to get in comparison to IELTS. There are several seats available in a week. PTE(Pearson Test of English) is mostly based on study, work, and visas and is also accepted by Australian, New Zealand, and UK governments. Not only this pte is trusted by over 3,000 universities and colleges and the result comes within 48 hours.

Note:- I am not trying to promote any of them. I just try to tell you the benefit of pte exam only.

How to book a pte exam?

To book a pte exam you need to follow these simple steps. let’s start towards your bright future.

First of all you need to open google or chrome browser.
Then you need to type pte/pearson test of english exam or pte test on google then you see the below result.
pte exam dates
After that you need to click on the link/website.
Now, you see this type of interface in your screen.
how to book a pte exam
After reaching onto this page you will need to signup first if you don't have any account but if you have already an account then click on sign in and continue the process.

After sign in there is a two conditions either you are a first time test taker, or you never book your pte exam yourself. But don’t worry the solution of these problems are here in this article.

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Either you are the first time test taker or the person who never booked an exam by yourself, you just need to click on that book your test options. 
You can also select the pte date without sign in because while you choosing the test center you will need to sign in there. so, this depends upon you. The below image is without sign in.
how to book a pte exam in nepal

Now, for those users who have already given an exam and wanna try again then this type of user interface of pte exam is looks.

how to book a pte exam at home

These are some samples now to book the pte exam you have to select the test center and fees for without sign in people which I gave you in the above image and re-book pte academic for those who were going to take an exam again which is shown in the above image.

After clicking you will directed to the location or the list of country and you need to select your country and click on view test center location and availability and the cost is variable according to your country.

While booking your test you will ask some questions and you need to answer them all like: Which language do you speak mostly at home?

Note:-While answering these question you have to careful to choose a current study status and the reason behind taking PTE exam.

After answering all of the questions you need to choose the right date and time according to your easyness.
The last one is the payment section in this section you have to pay the exam fee by your preferred card like mastercard , visa card and many more also your billing address and your valid gmail,phone number.

In this way, you can book a pte exam by yourself at home with your card. The given video will help you to make more clarification about how to book a pte exam.

In the context of Nepal, you will need to make a dollar card to book a test it is the only option for individuals to book your test at home. You also have many alternatives like a bank but if you wanna book your pte exam by yourself then make a dollar card which will help you make a transaction up to $500 per year.

For more info

Why to choose PTE?

In our busy lives, we all need fast and easy methods in every field. Similarly, choosing pte exam instead of other exams like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT is quite easy and fast result, less stress, and complete preparation time.

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This video might make you more clear that you how to book a pte exam at home.

All about how to book a pte exam dates at home are at the stage of ending. i hope you find helpful to this article. If you think so then kindly share this articles towards your friends.

Can we get result fast in PTE?

In context of result, PTE exam gives accurate and quality results within the 48 hours. According to my personal experience i get result with in 5 hours. I in my experience the PTE is quite easy in comparision to other exam. I personnaly suggest you to take PTE exam if you need a quick results in very short period of time. PTE is also acceptable in many of countries nowadays so, it might be easy for you.

In my experience the PTE exam result is accurate and quite comfortable to understand by everyone in the world. As it is based on computer the modern generation can easily get it and overcome with a better results. So, for further study in foreign country you must try PTE exam.

If you plan or international study very quick but you don’t know the exam then i prefer to choose PTE exam. PTE have quick exam pattern on computer based and also have quick result pattern within 48 hours.

Note:- I am not promoting any kinds of English exams,  just tell you my experience in PTE exam and also suggest you to try this if you find comfortable with it because it reached more than 238 countries worldwide and also widely acceptable.

Above the all reason might clear that why you choose PTE exam for your aboraad study and you also know that how to book a pte exam at home.

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