Rapidex Computer Course (4th Edition)

Rapidex computer course, a complete step-by-step self-learning course to learn computer operations. I am going to write some knowledgeable parts for those people who are interested to learn online. This course provides some basic information about the computer course. Here is the list of some date of edition of this book (Rapidex Computer Course):-

Rapidex Computer Course (4th Edition)

  • First Edition:- 1993 which is printed three times.
  • Second Edition:- 1994 which is printed seven times.
  • Third Edition:- 1995 which is printed ten times.
  • Fourth Revised Edition:_ May 1996
  • Fifth Reprint Edition:- May 1997

Introduction to Computers

As we are aware that the computer is affecting our lives in many ways. Almost every day, we hear about the different and the newest ways to use a computer. That's why it is not wrong to tell it as the computer revolution

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Nowadays, the computer plays a vital role in everybody's life. In the past days, many people use the typewriter for their daily life works or commercial works but in today's generation we use different multi-tasking electronic devices or we called it as a computer, smartphone, etc. As the increasing the use of computer in the different sector we all need to have knowledge in computer and their functions.

What is a Computer/PC?

According to the author, a PC or a computer is like a super calculator with a big display. But, according to technical terms, the computer is an electronic device that accepts data, processes them, and gives a productive output. The PC stands for Personal Computer, and this term was adopted by IBM, the largest manufacturer of a computer.

How Computer works?

As we all know that a computer is an electronic machine which works according to our commands/instructions. When we provide some instruction to a computer through software, then this instruction starts to process, and finally, it provides us results. And the computer is divided into different sections like input, processing, and output except these we also need storage for doing all these tasks in our computers.

  • Input devices:- Keyboard, Scanner, Mouse, Joystick, Light Pen, Trackball, Microphone and etc.
  • Processing devices:- CPU (Central Processing Unit), Motherboard, Sound Card, Video Card, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Network Card and etc.
  • Output devices:- Monitor, Printer, Projector, Plotter and etc.
  • Storage devices:- Floppy Disk, CD, Hard Drive, Zip Disk and etc. 


How to do Computer Programing?

If we look at the world of computers, we found that computer works in a very complex and different way. Computers work only what we are programmed to do because we give computers a memory not a brain like a human. 

Let's take an example, imagine you gonna make a computer city and the colonies of that city are square in shape and the middle road is parallel in shape which is crossing to each other. Again, If we suppose that MR Harry lives on the left-hand corner of lane no. 2 square on-road no10.  And the supermarket is in the left-hand corner of lane no 5 square no the road no 13. If Mr. Harry wants to buy something from that supermarket then how did he take a way? If he wants then he definitely takes it this way:-

Mr. Harry is a human that why we humans normally instruct like:-

  • Start
  • Turn to the East
  • Walk on road no 10 until you reach lane no 5 square
  • Now turn left
  • Start to walk on lane no 5 until you reach the road no 13 square
  • Again turn left
  • At last stop at a point.
But, if we instruct a computer like this then it neither read the lane no nor recognizes the directions. A computer only understands the computerized language like Step forward or turn right, left or backward. For a computer we Mr. Harry needs to command some steps like:-

  • Start
  • Forward1
  • Forward15
  • Left
  • Forward15
  • Left
  • Forward1
  • Stop
So, the meaning of these commands is 'Start' means Harry will be ready to reach near square A. Now the Harry stands on road 10 with its face towards the East and it will come on square A if he follows the command 'Forward1'. Similarly, he will cross the lanes at the command 'Forward15' and reach square B. In the next command 'Left' then it will turn to the left of lane 5 facing to the North. Again on the next command 'Forward15' it will walk 15 steps and reach square C. Furthermore, turning to the left, it will move one step further and reach the supermarket.

Thus, you need to give very clear instructions to the computer to work properly. But too many commands strain the Computer memory because computers have limited RAM.


  • A program can be made in various ways.
  • Only a few words are used while writing a program and such words are called command or codeword of the language.
  • The instruction in a program should be in serial or in order of task.
  • Some computer language names are Basic, Fortran, Pascal, Cobol, C and etc.
  • You also found some readymade software like the readymade clothes you brought from the market. The readymade software is known as the Application Software and it needs little training/practice to understand them. But, our's generation is more way smarter and easily known how to operate in a good way. So, the list of readymade software are:- 

#Database (dBASE, FoxPro, Paradox and Access)
#Word Processor (WordStar, WordPerfect, and MS-Word)
#Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3, Excel and Quatro-Pro)

#Some Questions and Answers To Solve

1) Hardware refers to:

a) the outside of a computer.
b) any part of the computer that you can see or touch.
c) the tools to repair the computer.
d) computer instructions or programs that tell the hardware what to do.

2) RAM is:

a) removable archive memory.
b) read access memory.
c) random access memory.

3) What are the different types of storage media?

4) If a floppy disk is write-protected, will it allow you to copy its contents into the computer?

5) Will a  5^1/4 inch low capacity disk drive, support a 1.2 MB floppy?

 Answers:- 1) b 2) c 3) Floppy, cartridges, etc.  4) Yes 5) No

What to do if your PC/Desktop doesn't work?

If you are facing the same problem then I will tell you how o solve this issue. To solve the PC not working problem follow these steps.
  • Firstly, check if the power cords are plugged in or the power is on or not? if 'No' then
  • a) Plug the cord and switch it on.
  • Check that you see anything displayed on the screen?
  • Check that if it gives an error message like "Non-System Disk?"
You can check out more clearly in the above figure. All about the Computer system is in the next part/article, If you want the next part then comment down.

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