Loksewa Aayog Computer Operator Questions with answers 2080

Computer Operator Na Su (Bibidh Sewa) is a technical course given priority by the Nepal government and it also separates a different section in Lok Sewa Aayog. I provide all the Loksewa Aayog computer operator questions with answers in this article. The computer operator syllabus of lok sewa Aayog is listed under.

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1) Computer Operator written Exam First Paper Syllabus topics:

  • 1. Computer Fundamental – 14 Questions
  • 2. Operating System – 5 Questions
  • 3. Word Processing – 10 Questions
  • 4. Electronic Spreadsheet – 10 Questions
  • 5. Database Management System – 5 Questions
  • 6. Presentation System – 3 Questions
  • 7. Web Page Designing- 3 Questions
Total Questions – 50

2) Computer Operator Practical Exam Syllabus Topics

  • 1. Devnagari Typing – 15 Marks
  • 2. English Typing – 5 Marks
  • 3. Word Processing – 10 Marks
  • 4. Electronic Spreadsheet – 10 Marks
  • 5. Database Management System – 4 Marks
  • 6. Presentation System – 3 Marks
  • 7. Web page Designing – 3 Marks
Total Marks – 50

Loksewa Aayog Computer Operator

Computer || Lok Sewa Aayog || PSC || Objective Questions

Time: 45 Minutes                                                                                                        FM: 50

Attempt all questions. Each question carries equal marks.

1) ………………… controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by which users can interact with the computer.

a) The platform

b) The operating system

c) Application software

d) The mother-board

2) The operating system is the most common type of ………………. software.

a) Communication

b) Application

c) System

d) Word-processing software

3) The language translator that converts assembly languages into machine code is called

a) Assembler

b) Translator

c) Compiler

d) Interpreter

4) Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a :


b) Mainframe

d) Supercomputer

d) Client

5) A byte can hold one ………….. of data.

a) Bit

b) Binary digit

c) Character

d) Kilobyte

6) The steps and tasks needed to process data, such as responses to questions or clicking an icon, are called:

a) Instruction

b) The operating system

c) Application software

d) The system unit

7) A string eight Os and 1s is called a:

a) Megabyte

b) Byte

c) Kilobyte

d) Gigabyte

8) A ……………… is approximately one billion bytes.

a) Kilobyte

b) Bit

c) Gigabyte

d) Terabyte

9) Which key is used to move the cursor down on page length?

a) Page down

b) Shift + Page down

c) Ctrl + Page down

d) Alt + Page down

10) Which key is used to remove the character right of the cursor?

a) Backspace

b) Delete

c) Right Arrow

d) left Arrow

11) Which is not a component of a computer system?

a) Hardware

b) Software

c) Firmware

d) Maleware

12) All the following are examples of real security and privacy risks EXCEPT :

a) Hackers

b) Spam

c) Viruses

d) Identity theft

13) …………………. are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices, such as your electronic thermostat.

a) Servers

b) Embedded computers

c) Robotic computers

d) The system unit

14) Which of the following is the correct order of the four major functions of a computer?

a) Process an output an input a storage

b) Input an output a process a storage

c) Process storage input and output

d) Input a process and output a storage

15) Smaller and less expensive PC-based servers are replacing ………….in many businesses.

a) Supercomputers

b) Clients

d) Laptops

d) Mainframes

16) A field or group of fields that uniquely identifies every row of table is......

a) Primary key

b) Foreign key

c) Superkey

d) Access key

17) ASCII code of F in decimal is:

a) 65

b) 95

c) 70

d) 98

18) DDC stands for:

a) Data Definition Language

b) Data Duplication Language

c) Data Deduction Language

d) Data Manipulation Language

19) What is the shortcut key to justifying the text to the center?





20) Absolute reference to cell A3 is expressed as...

a) @A&3

b) $A&3

c) A$3

d) $A3

21) In excel by default numeric value appears in...

a) Right aligned

b) Left aligned

c) Center aligned

d) Justify aligned

22) .........enables a computer to communicate via telephone line

a) Modem

b) Motherboard

c) ISP

d) NIC

23) A computer program that converts programs into machine language all at once is called......

a) Interpreter

b) Assembler

c) Simulator

d) Compiler

24) Which of the following memories have the shortest access time?

a) Cache

b) RAM

c) ROM

d) Hard Disk

25) What is Gutter Margin?

a) Margin that is added at the left side while printing
b) Margin that is added at the right side while printing
c) Margin that is added at the binding side of the page while printing
d) Margin that is added at the bottom side while printing

26) Group of cells in excel is called as ......

a) Range

b) Column

c) Sheets

d) Space

27) Which one of the following is an extension of the excel file?

a) .xlc

b) .exl

c) .exe

d) .xlsx

28) The location of resource on the internet is given by its?

a) Protocol

b) URL (uniform resources locator) 

c) E-mail Address

d) ICQ

29) An error in a computer program is called......

a) Debug

b) Bug

c) Icon

d) Cursor

30) Which of the following is an image name extension?

a) Gif

b) Docx

c) Pptx

d) Wav

31) Which of the following is correct for creating a chart?

a) Insert-chart on the menu bar

b) Insert smart Art on the menu bar

c) Chart wizard on the toolbar

d) Both a and c

32) In how many ways you can save the document?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

33) CPU consists of ......

a) ALU

b) CU

c) Both a & b

d) None of these

34) What is the shortcut key to creating a new slide?

a) ctrl+A

b) ctrl+M

c) ctrl+N

d) ctrl+O

35) Portrait and landscape are......

a) Page orientation

b) Page size

c) Page layout

d) All of the above

36) Different applications and documents of the windows desktop are represented by......

a) Icon

b) Graph

c) Labels

d) Symbols

37) In an excel active cell is indicated by...

a) A dotted border

b) A dark wide border

c) A blinking border

d) By italic text

38) A byte consists of...

a) One bit

b) Eight bits

c) Four bits

d) Sixteen bits

39) Apple Macintoshes (Macs) and PCs use different …………….to process data and different operating systems.

a) Language

b) Methods

c) CPUs

d) Storage devices

40) The first computer introduced in Nepal was:

a) IBM 1401

b) IBM 1402

c) ICL 2950/10

d) IBM 1400

41) ……………….. is the science revolving around the use of nanostructure to build devices on an extremely small scale.

a) Nanotechnology

b) Micro-technology

c) Computer forensics

d) Artificial intelligence

42) System software is the set of programs that enables your computer’s hardware devices and …………. software to work together.

a) Management

b) Processing

c) Utility

d) Application

43) Which is not characteristic of the first generation of computers?

a) Vacuum tubes as switching device

b) Punched card as an input device

c) Use of machine or assembly language

d) All of the above

44) How many symbols exist in the baud rate?

a) 57

b) 58

c) 59

d) 60

45) Put ……………. symbol to make a label to the number in Ms-Excel?

a) Comma(,)

b) Dollor($)

c) Apostrophe(‘)

d) Semicolon (;)

46) What will be the result when the column is inserted column in Excel?

a) The column moves to left

b) The column moves to the right

c) Left must menu

d) Right must menu

47) Secondary memory is called?

a) Auxiliary memory

b) External memory

c) Non-volatile memory

d) all

48) Which of the following commands/operation increase the speed of the processor?

a) Disk Fragmentation

b) Disk formatting

c) Scandisk

d) All of the above

49) The first mechanical machine to add is

a) Abacus

b) Pascaline

c) Stepped reckoner

d) Slide rule

50) WWW stands for......

a) World Wide Web

b) Web World Wide

c) Internet

d) None

Now, the Top 50 computer operator questions with the answer are ended now. I hope you get it beneficial. I will try my best to give you proper questions and answers related to lok sewa aayog of computer operator and if you found any mistakes in this article then kindly comment below. 

Answers:- 1) b 2) c 3) a 4) a 5) c 6) a 7) b 8) c 9) a 10) b 11) d 12) b 13) b 14) d 15) d 16) a 17) c 18) a 19) b 20) b 21) a 22) a 23) d 24) a 25) c 26) a 27) d 28) b 29) b 30) a 31) d 32) b 33) c 34) b 35) a 36) a 37) b 38) c 39) c 40) a 41) d 42) d 43) c 44) b 45) c 46) b 47) d 48)d 49) b 50) a

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