Computer Operator Loksewa Aayog Questions with answers in Nepal | PSC Exam

So, you are ready to give a Loksewa Ayog exam in the computer operator field?  I will provide Computer Operator Loksewa Aayog Questions with answers in Nepal | PSC Exam for you. If you are aggressively ready to give a computer operator exam then I am here to help you by providing some MCQ related to the computer operator exam. 

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The title of this article is Computer Operator Loksewa Aayog Questions with answers in Nepal | PSC Exam and the time period is only 45 minutes and the question is 50 only.  Here you found different MCQ related to the computer operator of LokSewa Aayog with their representative answers.  Let's start the Multiple choice questions with their answers.

Computer Operator Loksewa Aayog Questions with answers

Here is the list of some frequently asked questions while you prepare the loksewa aayog for the computer operator. I include all the computer operator practical questions and answers in this article. This computer operator exam question paper in Nepali is mainly focused on Nepal.

Computer Operator Loksewa Aayog

Time: 45 Min                                                                                                                            FM: 50

Attempt all of the following questions. Each question carries equal marks.

1) C language was developed by...

a) Linux Torvalds

b) Dennis Ritchie

c) Bill Gates

d) Steve jobs

2) Speed of CPU is measured in...

a) Mbps

b) Microsecond

c) Mbytes

d) Hertz

3) Which is the invalid capacity of a floppy disk?

a) 1.24 MB

b) 1.44 MB

c) 360 KB

d) 720 KB

4) Modem Converts the data into the...

a) Voice

b) Data

c) Signal

d) Data and Voice

5) Network used by groups of different commercial organizations is...

a) Internet

b) Intranet

c) Extranet

d) MAN

6) When was the IT policy formulated in Nepal?

a) 2067 BS

b) 2070 BS

c) 2061 BS

d) 2062 BS

7) To which SVGA is related?

a) CPU

b) Keyboard

c) Monitor

d) None

8) What plays the role of interface between CPU and User?

a) RAM

b) ROM

c) Keyboard

d) Monitor

9) What is an operating system?

a) Collection of a program that manages hardware resources

b) Provide a platform for application software

c) Interface between hardware and users

d) All of the above

10) BIOS is used by ...

a) Operating system

b) Compiler

c) Application Software

d) Interpreter

11) The highway information technology is know

a) Superhighway

b) Information Superhighway

c) The Main highway

d) None of the above

12) Which key is used to move the cursor down on page length?

a) Page down

b) Shift + Page down

c) Ctrl + Page down

d) Alt + Page down

13) Which is spreadsheet software?

a) Excel

b) Lotus 1-2-3

c) Quatropro

d) All of the above

14) The two broad categories of software are:

a) Word processing and spreadsheet

b) Transaction and application

c) Windows and Mac OS.

d) System and application

15) The metal or plastic case that holds all the physical parts of the computer is the :

a) System unit

b) CPU

c) Mainframe

d) Platform

16) ……………….. is the science revolving around the use of nanostructure to build devices on an extremely small scale.

a) Nanotechnology

b) Micro-technology

c) Computer forensics

d) Artificial intelligence

17) The keystroke is converted in the ……………. code.



c) Decimal

d) None

18) To see all of the slides on one screen you can use

a) Normal view

b) Outline view

c) Slide sorter view

d) Hands out the view

19) Which key is used to remove the character right of the cursor?

a) Backspace

b) Delete

c) Right Arrow

d) left Arrow

20) Which was the first intel Microprocessor developed in 1971?

a) Intel 4004

b) Intel 8008

c) Intel 8080

21) Which menu is used to edit footnote?

a) File

b) View

c) Edit

d) Insert

22) How many Steps have to create a letter by using mail merge in a word document?

a) 4

b) 2

c) 3

d) 6

23) Which option allows importing slides to carry slides from one computer to another computer?

a) Pack and go

b) Save as

c) Export

d) Save as Presentation slide show

24) In Microsoft word what is the shortcut key to break column?

a) Ctrl +Enter

b) Ctrl +Shift + Ente

c) Alt + Enter

d) Alt + Shift + Enter

25) Which is the database programme?

a) Ms-Access

b) Ms Word

c) Ms Power-point

d) Ms paint

26) Which of the following is the most common Storage device?

a) Magnetic Tape

b) Floppy Disk

c) Hard Disk

d) None

27) In Excel filter is available on ……….menu.

a) Tools

b) Data

c) Edit

d) View

28) What is the shortcut key to the Slide show?

a) F4

b) F5

c) F2

d) F3

29) Who is known as the father of modern digital computers?

a) Charles Babbage

b) Blaise pascal

c) Bill gets

d) John Napier

30) Who invented the microprocessor?

a) Marcian ted Hoff

b) John Mauchly

c) John Napier

d) Howard Aiken

31) Which among the following is an operating system?

a) Java

b) Linux

c) Oracle

d) None of the above

32) Which is not a mobile operating system?

a) Bada

b) Android

c) Symbian OS

d) Mojave

33) An operating system is an interface that provides services to...

a) Only user

b) Only Hardware

c) Only program

d) Both user and Hardware

34) Website is a collection of.....

a) Memory Chips

b) Chart

c) Word Document

d) HTML Document

35) Which of the following are used as protocol?

a) FTP


c) UDP

d) All of the above

36) Choose the correct HTML tag for the highest level of heading

a) H1

b) H2

c) H3

d) H4

37) BCC in e-mail means?

a) Black Composer Copy

b) Blind Composer Copy

c) Blind Carbon Copy

d) Black Carbon Copy

38) Which of the following is a valid e-mail address? (hint; username@domainname.ext)


b) Hello@host;net


d) Hello@host

39) Which of the following language does the second generation computers understand?

a) Machine

b) Assembly

c) High level

d) Both a and b

40) F-12 key in the keyboard belongs to which group of keys?

a) Numeric keys

b) Function keys

c) Control keys

d) Special Purpose keys

41) To boot a computer means loading a computer with:

a) Compiler

b) Linker

c) Assembler

d) Operating System

42) Which of the following is not an input device?

a) Joysticks

b) Keyboard

c) Barcode Reader

d) Headphone

43) Which is the best network topology when there is more than one connection between nodes?

a) Mess Topology

b) Bus Topology

c) Star Topology

d) Special Topology

44) A ...... is a hardware device that converts analog signal to digital signal and vice versa

a) Microphone

b) Modem

c) CD-Drive

d) Magnetic Disk

45) What is the default font used in MS-2007.

a) Times New Roman

b) Arial

c) Preeti

d) Calibri

46) The binary number (10101)2 is equal to...

a) (18)10

b) (21)10

c) (24)10

d) (27)10

47) Which one is not an example of firmware?

a) Traffic light

b) Digital watch

c) Mobile phones

d) Programmers

48) Which of the following store's data is temporarily needed by ALU?

a) RAM

b) ROM

c) Register

d) CPU

49) Full form of PDF is...

a) Portable Document Format

b) Portable Document File

c) Portable Downloaded File

d) Portable Design File

50) Which one is the following is not a valid version of MS Word?

a) Office XP

b) Office vista

c) Office 2007

d) None of the above

Answers:- 1) b 2) d 3) a 4) c 5) c 6) d 7) c 8) c 9) d 10) a 11) b 12) a 13) d 14) d 15) a 16) a 17) a 18) c 19) b 20) a 21) d 22) d 23) a 24) b 25) a 26) b 27) b 28) b 29) a 30) a 31) b 32) d 33) d 34) d 35) d 36) a 37) c 38) a 39) d 40) b 41) d 42) d 43) a 44) b 45) d 46) b 47) d 48) a 49) a 50) d

These are some computer operator practical questions for loksewa Aayog. I hope this will help you and if you wanna more questions like this then comment down below then I will upload in the next part. Now, loksewa tayari class computer operator is over.

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