Youtube SEO: How to make your video appear first on YouTube

Youtube has more than a million videos ranked already in different niches. And if we beginners want to make our video appear first on youtube then there is quite difficult to rank #1 on youtube with our normal videos. Without knowing the youtube video SEO, you have to face many difficulties to rank your youtube videos fast in 2021.

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For your kind information, more than 100 hours of videos are uploaded on youtube every minute and youtube gets more than 30 million visitors each day. From this, you simply think how much competition is there in the youtube market and how much effort you need to give on your youtube videos while uploading on your youtube.

Youtube is the second larget Search Engine with it's parent company Google.

 How to make your video appear first on YouTube?

Appearing your youtube videos on the first page is an easy game only if you know the youtube SEO rules and your audience's interest. All-time I am talking about youtube SEO and other kinds of stuff right? So, what is youtube SEO? Do we need a youtube SEO expert to rank on youtube?

Youtube SEO: How to make your video appear first on YouTube

Let's a general talk about the youtube video SEO. When you thought to increase your ranking on youtube by optimizing your youtube videos that the whole process comes under the youtube SEO. NOt only this youtube also optimize your channel's page, playlists, metadata, description, and videos as well. And you don't need any youtube SEO expert to rank on youtube because it is a simple and easy process to make your video appear first on youtube if you know the proper SEO of youtube. 

Now, if you want to become an expert at youtube SEO then simply follow these points and keep in mind if you follow these steps in a proper manner then you will definitely hit your youtube videos on the first page of youtube. 

Youtube SEO: How to rank #1 on youtube: Free download

Ranking #1 on youtube become an easy process. I will tell you some of the points which help you to rank on youtube. Here is the list of 12 ways to make your video appear first on youtube.

1) Always choose a strong keyword

If you are a Content creator/YouTuber you might familiar with this term. Choosing the right and strong keywords always helps you to get more reach and impression on your youtube videos. Choosing a strong keyword means keyword related to your youtube videos. Let's take an example:- I upload a video related to a comedy vlog and for this, I will take all keywords related to this title. You might clear after seeing this image.

Youtube SEO: How to make your video appear first on YouTube

The above image shows the best and strong keyword related to my video whose title is about comedy vlog and bihe pidit. You have also seen some ranking options like 1, 2 don't confuse about this because this is the youtube SEO tool named Tubebuddy. I think many of you already know about this. I will explain more in detail later about this tool.

2) Contain the keyword in your title

Yes, to make your video appear first on youtube you also need to contain the best keyword in your title's too. Including the same keyword on your youtube title will helps to boost your videos among the videos of youtube libraries. You must add a title related to your videos otherwise it is called clickbait and in the case of clickbait, there is a high risk to get reach your youtube video. 

What is clickbait?

In simple terms, clickbait is content whose main purpose is to attract attention and to encourage visitors to click on a particular link of a particular web page. Usually, people try clickbait at their youtube thumbnail which is designed especially to attract people to their videos. It has both negative and positive effects.

3) Take your audience attraction/audience interest

If you studied the market of youtube you see the varients and the interest of the audience is also different. People's interests are unlimited and you have to make your youtube video according to people's interests. now you might be thinking why I make a video according to another choice, I make my video according to my interest than in that case you have to make audience attention in your video. The more time people stay in your video the more chance to get views on your youtube videos.

Make your audience engage more than 2 to 3 min in your video which directly pushes the algorithm of youtube o rank your video on the first page. Do some keyword research on your topic/title and upload it because people come to visit your video through the keyword which they type on the search box of youtube and if they found their answer on your video with more clarification then there is a high chance to get your videos rank on #1.

4) Making a long video

With the earning prospective or defining your videos to the audience, a long video is the best example. To get more exposure in your video you need to make a long video. But, you need to provide quality information inside that video. This not gonna work like if you make a 10 min long video but you give information only up to 5 min and after that, the blank video is running out, this not gonna work. long video with quality information is approvable. Point out the main ideas in your videos and explain in more detail which makes your video normally long.

5) Create a different playlist

Among the different videos on youtube, the playlist is the only option that people usually browse several times a day. So, to make your video appear first on youtube, make a different playlist with a different title. You will be rank higher when people search for videos or playlists on your youtube. Playing a playlist will automatically help to boost your other youtube videos as well. Making a playlist of your youtube videos is another option for you to make more views and well more subscribers on your youtube channel.

6) Find the unanswered question and answer them through your video

You are a content creator and your work is to provide different and unique videos for your loyal audience and doing all this stuff you need to do some research. You browse different websites like Google, bing, yahoo, quora, reddit, and many more. In this platform try to find some questions like "How to link an Adsense account into a bank account" and go to youtube and search for the same question. 

Now, if you did not found any videos related to this title or fewer videos in this title then make a video in this title because if you make youtube videos in this title then there is a high chance to get views, many people were unaware about this and after you make a video in this title audience will definitely help you to make your video appear first on youtube.

7) Leave some suspense in your videos

Making a youtube video is challenging in itself. And taking an audience's intention through the entire video is extremely hard. Before you make a youtube video you have to keep in mind that you don't explain all your ideas at the beginning because if the audience gets all the information at the beginning of your videos then they drop out from your video which will increase your bounce rate which is not a good sign.

At the starting of the video create some suspense parts like asking some questions, reviling something new, or something different which you are not doing as usual and tell them to answered or reveal at the end of your video. This will trigger your audience to watch your entire video which is a direct sign to make your video appear first on youtube.

8) Encourage people to like, comment, and subscribe

As we all know that youtube works according to its algorithm and like comment and subscribe is the major part of it. Subscribing to your youtube channel means your content has some value and after subscribing to your youtube channel the frequently returning viewers get more impressions towards your video and rank your video on the top page. 

If your only wish is to make your video appear first on youtube then you must focus on your subscriber and as well as likes and comments. Like, comment and subscribe all these factors are made according to the youtube algorithm and if you hit all of them then you directly rank on youtube.

9) Make your thumbnails attractive

The first thing audience can see about your video is your thumbnail. The more attractive your thumbnails the more clicks on your videos. So, always try to make a beautiful thumbnail of your video. Give some time to your thumbnail and try to reflect your main title inside your thumbnail. Thumbnail is dependent upon your video category like if you are a vlogger make the thumbnail related to a place including your image inside it. If you wanna see some examples then visit my youtube channel:- DRP Vlogs.

10)  Use closed captions

In some countries, it is quite difficult to understand whatever you said in your video. Your local language maybe not be understandable by all of your audience so, to solve this situation youtube established the closed captions option. The closed caption will definitely help you to understand your video language as well as it will help to increase your video on the first page on youtube. If we look at this feature then we have a win-win situation. If you have an international audience then closed caption is the best and beneficial option for you. Go for it.

11) Creating more and more backlinks

A backlink is one of the powerful terms for youtube SEO. If you really want to make your video appear first on youtube then you start a habit of creating a backlink of your videos. I assure you that backlinks make you go viral in one day but it will definitely help you in the coming future. Creating a good backlink will help you to rank your videos on different platforms and your youtube presence will also increase which is a positive response of getting viral of your youtube videos. 

12) Sharing on social media

For beginners, social media is the first and the only option from where they get a good response. While you start youtube nobody knows you and if nobody knows about your youtube channel then nobody comes to see your videos that's why I am talking about sharing your videos on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok, quora, and many more platforms. 

As you get a lot of views from your social media your youtube views get to increase and according to the algorithm of youtube, it will push forward to more people for further engagement. 

Just share your youtube videos on your social media and tell your family and friends to watch your video. Social media has the power to never judge it. Nobody knows when he/she gonna viral on social media. So, sharing your videos on social media.

Bonus Tips:- Always post 1080 HD quality video or more than that

Yes, think for a while why I am telling you to upload 1080 HD video or 2K, 4K because youtube or any search engine works to provides the good quality product that why if your video quality is good then the audience attention is also more in your videos. Provide quality content to youtube then youtube will promote more further.

If you never notice while watching youtube videos then you found the video quality option which is categorized from 720p to 4K. This is the level of quality and if you upload your youtube video above 1080 then there is a high chance to rank your video on youtube. 

Are there any Best Youtube SEO tools?

There are many SEO tools in the market. Youtube SEO tools make it easy to find suitable tags related to your videos and also show the chance to get rank or not. I will list some names below check this out.

1 . TubeBuddy
2. YouTube Analytics
3. vidIQ
4. YouTube Autosuggest
5. Google Keyword Planner
6. Keyword Tool (
7. Rank Tracker
8. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
9. Kparser
10. YTRank
11. RapidTags
12. TagsYouTube
13. Rival IQ
14. SE Ranking
15. SerpStat
16. TagsForYouTube

All of the above SEO tools are best in their own ways. I use many of them everyone works perfectly. After using the above SEO tools you will get more chances to reach your youtube videos. They have both free and paid options. It is also known as the name of YouTube SEO tools tag generator. These are the youtube SEO 2021 tools.

YouTube SEO software free download

If you wanna download the free SEO software then I personally prefer to download tube body or vidiQ which I personally use. But, I am not saying only use these two, it depends on you. Go for what you want. To download the SEO software simply search the required SEO tools in your search engine after that click on the first link and inside the site you have given the download link. Now rest is yours.

Note:- To get viral on any search engine you have to follow all the SEO techniques and continuity also matters. So, don't left in the middle go from starting to end. Also, check my Youtube channel, and don't forget to subscribe.

For more information kindly leave a comment below.

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