Credit Card/Debit Card Fraud Using FACEBK(Facebook) Payment Account | How To Get Your Money Back

One morning you wake up in a happy and delighted mood and suddenly your mobile rank with SMS after that you know your bank account is debited several times without your authorization. Simply, this is called Credit card or Debit card fraud. Now, how to get rid of or solve this issue? Let's take an example, You found an SMS in your phone like Dear "user" your card ****5248 was used at FACEBKNRFGYH5VF7 for purchase of USD 200.28 on Oct 31, 2021, 12.03 Thank you! "Your Bank".

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This is a simple example of credit card debit card fraud using the FACEBK(Facebook)payment account. This might be called anything like unauthorized facebook charges on credit cards or unauthorized facebook advertising charges. If you found such a situation or message or any E-mail related to this then you have to clear that someone used your credit card on Facebook. Unknown charge from Facebook is unhealthy for everyone. So, how to solve the issue of Credit Card/Debit Card Fraud Using the FACEBK(Facebook) Payment Account?

How to Get your money back? 

Here are some steps you have to follow if you wanna return your money back or keep secure from future scams.

Credit Card/Debit Card Fraud Using FACEBK

1) Go For Facebook Help

If you are stuck in Credit card or Debit card fraud using FACEBK(Facebook) payment account then your first step is to open your Facebook or simply type www. after that simply open your profile setting and select the help and support or type Now, you see the help center of Facebook from where you can request your problem.

2) Using Facebook

After you complete the 1st step which I told you above. Now,  you see the Facebook help center with different support options. But, you need to select only the one option which is "using Facebook" select the using Facebook option then you see the different options there.

3) Select Payment

Now, you completed the 2nd step you come to the 3rd one. In this step, you have to select the "payment option" inside the using Facebook. After selecting the payment option their you found the title to learn like how to send and receive money, how to purchase a game, make a donation, buy and sell in the marketplace or in the group, buy advanced tickets for an event, promote your event, product or company through Facebook ads and many more.

But you have to select only one thing which is " Let us know" simply appear at the last of this page or it can be written as " If you need help with payments on Facebook, please let us know".

4) Select let us know

After selecting the let us know the option which I told you in point 3. You are redirected to the payment support of Facebook. On the payment support page, you can find different options which I told you about in the next point.

5) Payment support

Now, after you are redirected from the let us know the page you see the different options there in payment support. Now, the time to choose the correct option for debit and credit card fraud through Facebook. In the payment support option, you have to select the "Unauthorised charge or something else" which is at the last of that point.

Do you know?

  • Facebook allows users to send and receive money through the Messenger app and Facebook Pay, free of charge.
  • Facebook's software also plays the role of financial middleman between the sender and the receiver.
  • The company's software is also set up to provide security and protection from hackers.
  • Even with good security, users need to be proactive and employ cybersecurity best practices on all devices. 

6) Unauthorised or unknown charges

This time facebook needs a little more information about your issue. So, Facebook again asks for unauthorized or unknown charges options. Simply, select on the "I have unrecognized charges that are NOT in my payment account", Then, a payment method will ask you like Debit/Credit or PayPal and you know that this issue is related to a debit or credit card so, you have to select the Debit/Credit card option.

a) Credit card last 4 digits

After selecting the Debit/Credit card option suddenly open another list of questions and the number 1 is the last digit number of your credit card and you enter the last 4 digits of your card.

b) Credit card first 6 digits

This one is also the same pattern question but the difference is only the first and last digit. In this option, you have to type your credit card first 6 digits only.

c) Date and Amount

You might think about what data we have to put in this section. In this section, you have to select the date when your amount is debited (used by another or third person). Like if my money is debited by any third person without my permission USD 200 on 30/10/21 (date)  at 01;1. Not only the date you need to mention your lost amount also. This section covers all these parts.

d) Problem in description

At last, this is the full and final part. In this section, you have to elaborate more in detail on your problem. Cause facebook needs more clarification about your problem after that their team will easily help you in an easy manner.

How to write a problem in description more clearly?

It is a simple and easy way to write a problem in the description because in this section you only need to clarify in detail. Don't worry I will tell you. I know you are more talented than me but still, I write for myself. Here is a sample to write a problem in the description. 


Myself  "Your Name" ( Ram, Hary, Mark) living in "Your place" ( eg:- Kathmandu, Nepal)

There are fraud transactions is done using my "Your card name" (Visa, debit, mastercard, credit with bank name) on 30/10/21 without my authorization and my "Your card name"card number 5644 (last 4 digits).

This raised concern for safety and brand issues for FACEBOOK. Please find details below:

The date and time of the transaction happen is 30/10/21 FACEBKNRFGYH5VF7 at 03;08. I live in "Your place". Please investigate and refund(money back) ASAP.  To prevent any further unauthorized transactions I block my card today so, please help me.

Please let me know if you need any further information. Let me clarify what is happening. After filling all this form click on the send button and also click on conform or done.

If you write in this pattern or better than this then you will definitely get a response within 24 Hours. Sometimes it is delayed if the server is too busy. But, you will definitely get a response from Facebook's help and support team. 

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