How to link an Adsense account into a bank account- trick to become rich

How to link an Adsense account into a bank account
Adsense is the choice of many content creators. If you don’t know how to link an AdSense account and what is Adsense then Adsense is the platform of google form where you can earn revenue after creating quality content related to your niche. Making money through Adsense is quite easy if you follow the rules of AdSense. And Adsense simply provides the bank transfer and checks details option in their payment method. So, we also going to discuss these topics in detail and learn the whole process in detail.

How is Adsense paid content creator?

Adsense can be paid to you or any content creators according to their quality content. If your content is qualitative, unique, and Adsense friendly then the ads inside your content help you to earn a certain percentage of revenue. In some countries, it can pay according to the impression but many many countries can’t.

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How to link an Adsense account into a bank account?

Linking your AdSense account into your bank account is quite easy and simple. If you want to link your AdSense account to a bank account then simply follow these steps:-
1) Open your Adsense account.
2) Go to the payment section and click on payment.
3) Then, click on add payment section.
4) Now, select on wire transfer method because it is an easy and reliable method for payment.
5) Fill in the required bank detail asked by AdSense.
Like your name on bank, bank name, bank swift code, your bannk account number again retype your bank number and at last fill the check box of set as primary method.

Another way to link your AdSense account into your bank account.

Another way of linking an AdSense account into a bank account is to check details. this is the alternative option of paying your revenue by Google Adsense. In this process Adsense simply mailed your check to your billing address. This process is easy for those who are used to the mail service. To activate this process you simply follow these steps:-

1) Open your Adsense account.
2) Go to the payment section and click on payment.
3) Then, click on add payment section.
4) Select on check payment method.
5) At last fill out the required AdSense form.
Like your country name, your name, your mailing address same as you enter in your adsesne account, your second address line if you want to, your city name, your area postal code, and at last check the set as primary box and then click on confirm.

Now, you are ready to take your revenue from Adsense.

How can we know that google Adsense sends us money/revenue?

You have a minimum threshold on your Adsense account simply AdSense set it as $100 but you manually set your threshold from $10 as your desired amount. After completing the required threshold Adsense simply send your money to your bank account directly through wire transfer and you get your money within 5 business day in your bank account according to your currency.
And if you select the check details in the payment section then Adsense simply mailed you a check to your billing address after completing the required threshold.
Adsense sends your money at the end of the month which is the 30th and sends you money after that. So, don’t panic about this issue.  After sending a payment Google Adsense also send you the receipt to your Adsense. To check the receipt simply follow these steps:-
1) Go to your Adsense account.
2) Then, click on the payment option.
3) Now, you can see the transition option there, click on view transaction.
4) On the top transition you can see the transition of your payment in the form of a link, click that link.
5) After that you redirect to the payment receipt and you can see your payment transaction with your bank details and location.
Payment receipt includes google adsense sending office loaction , payment date, billing id, payment method, payment number, tax identification number, your billing address, payment amount.

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