How does MPNRC make $16500 per day

How does MPNRC make $16500 per day

Yes, you heard me right MPNRC makes $16500 per day with blogging. It is possible to earn your desire amount of money with blogging.

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MPNRC makes money from blogging and he has recently revel his website to the public and firstly he has written about corona virus-related updates. And now he has written about the different categories. Also, gets hated at first but now all are appreciating him.

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He doesn't want to reveal his face, voice, anything to the public. his policy is to write maximum content per day which helps to rank on the top of Google and other search engines.

How you can make $16500 per day like an MPNRC?

If you are a good struggler at content writing then you definitely can make $16500 per day. The main priority to make $16500 per day is all depends on your content. You have to make your content unique and full of all criteria of the content creator. First things first you need to write a good article in a proper manner but you have to focus on your SEO and your keywords.

Always try to cover a unique title:- 

Your title decides your whole content. If you have click base title like "10 ways to make $1000 per day" then your audience will want to know your article because in this modern era everybody to become a rich kid right?

Make your article SEO based:-

If you are struggling many times to rank your article on google number one page but you still not getting that then you might miss your SEO in your article. SEO plays a vital role in your article. To rank on google's number one page you need a good SEO in your article. If you want to know more about SEO then visit this article.

Make your image simple and understandable by the audience:-

So, what does it mean? Don't worry I will make you clear about this topic as well. In simple form, the image I am going to talk about is the main image inside your article or any other image inside your article must be fulfilled the criteria of google like the image must be related to your topic and your image must be simple. Article related links and SEO is the basic requirement to rank your article in google number one page. 

Why I am forcing to includes links and descriptions inside the image of your article? 

The reason is your image inside the article also plays an important role to rank your content/articles on google. But the image must be simple, clear, and full with good SEO. If you still don't understand then look at the image in this article.

Make your article more than 500 words:- 

Somebody thinks that it is necessary to make more than 500 words in an article and my answer is yes. Not only me every content creator who writes the article needs to know that more words and a qualitative article always rank in the number one position. No one wants to look at the scrab content. If you write anyone thongs different than others then you have a high chance to rank on google.

Your written article will check by a google bot on a regular basis and the basic requirement of a bot is 500 words or more than that.

Write an article on a regular basis:-

Yes, writing an article on a regular basis will boost your website on google for ranking. Writing content on a regular basis means you are telling the google search engines that you also exist in the world of the internet and you also need an audience to complete your presence on the internet. So, make more qualitative content as much you can make per day.

Spend less time on other social media:-

Right... spending your whole day on social media by scrolling up and down and watching boring videos on a regular basis must be stopped. Social media not gonna give you $16500 per day. They do their job and you also need to do your job and your job is writing quality and unique content on a regular basis which leads you to $16500 per day in the upcoming future like MPNRC earns right now.
If you really want to earn $16500 per day then you have to stop scrolling your social media and start to write your content.

Make your theme and articles Adsense friendly:-

Many people generally ask me which type of theme is good for Adsense approval.  According to my experience, I usually tell you to use a light and simple theme/template for article writing because it looks premium and it also boosts your website speed. Speed of your website also plays an important role to rank your site on google. Let's take an example if you search for "latest gaming laptops under budget" on your browser and you click on the first page but the page takes more time to open you generally back open to the next page related to that topic.. right?

It means your site suffers a bad user experience and you have a high chance to fall down from google's 1st page. If you use a light theme then it will help to increase your site speed and also there is a high CPC. 

Do more research on the topics:-

Writing an article with more confidentiality is only possible when you personally experience it or if you do a lot of research on that topic. Writing after research reflects clarity in your article and readers' attentions also be stuck on your article. Research helps to clarify each and every title in a simple manner. 

Today I am writing this article according to my experience and I am very glad that you are reading my article at this time. Like this, you also make your own qualitative articles and rank on google. But writing scrap content and writing anything without research will definitely fall down your existing sites.

Don't miss the trend topics

Yes, if you really seeking $16500 per day you need to be active in all trends related to your topics. Trending topics goes viral faster than manual topics. Like the BINOD trend if you are usually active on news and social sites. In this internet era, anything goes viral in just a sec nobody knows who gonna viral in the next few sec on social sites. 

Like this, it also works on your article, if you cover the current trends on the internet, you have more chance to go your content/article viral. And we all know viral content/articles mean you leading more money per day. And if you do continue you also make $16500 per day like MPNRC.

Share your articles to different social media until it gets views

In starting phase you hardly get views on your sites and in this situation, you have only one option and that is your social media handles or group or page on Facebook. It is not valid views but sharing your article on your social media helps to push your articles and make your presence available on the internet. So, sharing articles on social media at starting phase is good but the criteria remain the same.

Value other content/article equally like your's

Yes, you heard me right never underestimate other's content and never compare another article because everybody does the same efforts as you while making their own content/article. Do support to their content equally like yours. Visit another article and give them good feedback and drop your articles too if only the title is related to yours.

Use a good Hosting plan if it fits your budget

So, what is hosting and why do we use a hosting plan? If you wanna know then Visit here. Now, you may be clear about hosting right? Hosting is also another source that helps to rank your article in the number one position. For beginners many budget hostings are available. MPNRC also uses a best hosting plan to rank the articles. That's why MPNRC makes $16500 per day. Good hosting is also a major part of making more money.

Using multiple ads partners (Adsense, Ezoic, Tabloo, Infolink, Adex )

Using multiple ads partner helps to generate more dollars for your site. Depend only on Adsense doesn't make you $16500 per day but if you go for multiple ads partners then there is a high chance to get more revenue in your wallet. You simply go for other third-party ads like Ezoic, infolink, adex, tabloo, and many more others, but it has certain criteria also. Using multiple ads partners will definitely help you to generate more than $16500 per day.

Note:- If you are going to Visit MPNRC Blog then don't forget to leave a comment "Comming from TechGuru66"

Overall conclusion:- 

Earning money online from writing is quite an easy and simple process but you need to follow the above steps and do not violates privacy. MPNRC also maintain his websites in a proper manner and follow all the rules and regulation of Adsense, Google, and other third party ads partner program. And make sure your articles go in a regular manner otherwise you lose everything.

For making $16500 per day like MPNRC you need to do struggle with your content and also follow all the above steps then you definitely start to earn $16500 per day.

I am planning to write about the "How to recieve your adsense mail to your home town" if you want to know about the whole process then comment 'Google Adsense'.

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