11 Ways to Flirt with a Girl

How To Flirt With Girls

Are you tired of staring at your crush? And you still don't know how to start a conversation with her. Then, don't worry your bro is here. Today I will tell you the 11 ways to flirt with a girl. The best tips and tricks on how to flirt with any girl or your crush are also included in the below topics. 

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Flirting with girls is nothing, just the art of attracting your opposite partner towards you through different mediums. The medium may be anything your body language, your innocence, your caring towards her, and many more. Let's not make more compliments to this text, and start the tips and tricks on how to flirt with a girl.

At the end of this article, you will definitely know how to impress a girl or your crush

This article is based on my personal experience,this is not a proffesional guide but the given ideas definitely gonna works.


How to flirt with girls? Here are 11 ways to flirt with a girl

Flirting with a girl/crush has different methods. In this modern area, many people choose an online platform to talk to rather than face to face contact. So, here is the category of 11 ways to flirt with a girl.

1) Be funny

Being funny is one of the major factors which directly helps many people to attract a girl towards them. If you are a funny guy then you don't need to worry about flirting the girl's reason is many of girls were already a fan of yours personality. Your funny jokes and gossips will automatically engage the girl's attraction towards you

How to flirt with girl

Let's take an example... If you were in college and you pass the funny joke then the whole class will be the fan of your jokes. right? And among them, someone is crushing on you because of your funny personality. I have personally seen my funny friends making a girlfriend and they were in a lifetime relationship now

2) Teasing your Girl/Crush

Teasing is also one of the most effective methods we use while flirting with girls. You might hear many love stories which start with a tease. This love story mainly starts in school, college days. Our friends help us to make a success in our love story.

How To Flirt With Girls

You can simply pass a funny compliment on her while talking with her. Sometimes irritating her by teasing is also push forward in a positive relationship. Example:- Generally, ask a question to your girls like,  'I think your sister is so beautiful' and leave the remaining to her. If you are shy guys then start your conversation from the online platform.

3) Be confident

How To Flirt With Girl

Yes, confidence is the key to success in everything in your life. Many girls firstly check the level of confidence of a boy. If you have the confidence to talk with girls or anyone else then she might show interest towards you. Every girl loves to have a confident guy in their life. so, be confident in yourself.

4) Do a formal greeting while you meet

How To Flirt With Girl

Yes, don't lose a chance to talk with her and always try to do a formal greeting while you meet with her like saying Hello, how was your day, do you eat lunch, how are you feeling today and many more according to your situation. This is the easy and most used trick to start a conversation.

5) Talks about your crush/girl

How To Flirt With Girl

Girls love when someone talks about her which seems like a flirt. And if you get a chance to talk about your crush then don't waste it. Ask about her life, her family members, her interesting food, interesting movies and etc. It shows that you are truly interested in her life and she wants to make a conversation longer.

6) Notice every single changes she does

How To Flirt With Girls

Yes, try to notice every single changes she does because it will help you while doing a conversation like when she cut her hair and you have to say 'You look pretty today, Did you trim your hair? ' If you look forwards to every single change and compliment according to the situation then definitely you get success to make a partner for you.

7) Ignore sometime

How To Flirt With Girls

Not for a whole period of time but ignoring occasionally is acceptable. Ignoring sometimes means you also have other important work to do except your girls or crush. It indirectly helps you to get a more deep relationship with your mate and the respect towards you is increase too.

8) Touch

How To Flirt With Girls

Yes, you heard right a touch also helps to flirt with girls. Touching gently to your girl/crush like playing with her hair, with her hand, her cheeks show that you are interested in her, and if she does the same thing then boom! she is interested in you. If girls started to play with their hair, repeatedly try to touch you, do eye contact several times, and want to stay more time with you then this is the sign that she is falling for you. 

Be careful:- Touching means where you both feel comfortable. It does not mean to touch any private parts of a girl.

9) Personality matters

How To Flirt With Girl

One of the easy ways to take the girl under control is your personality. Yes, your personality matter most in this case. If you have a good personality then 70% of work is already done(in flirting with girl case). In one survey it was found that the demand of good personality is more in girls circle. So, how you look is also a matter my friend. So, try to look Lil different than usual. 

10) Try to spend more time with her

How To Flirt With Girls

If you really want to make a good relationship in the future then it is not enough to flirt with girls you need to spend more time with her and try to understand her. And spending more time with her helps you the good and bad things about her and it will help you control each and every situation which may come in the future.

11) Stay with her at a bad time

How To Flirt With Girl

Sometimes flirting only isn't work, and in that situation, you have to try something new ideas. But, if you stay and help you, girls,/crush both on good and bad times then it will realize her that you are the perfect partner for her who is always ready for her in each and every situation. I think this point is effective and 100% working but it takes time.


These are some 11 tips to flirt with the girls. I know everybody has his unique way to flirt, similarly, I also express my own way or the ideas I saw successful in my friend's circle. So, try these steps and see the result. Now end of the article 11 ways to flirt with a girl.

Note:- If you wanna talk through the online medium like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram whatever you have please don't start a first conversation with "HI" and "HELLO" instead of it sends a different message like "Today I saw you in the college and you look more beautiful than this picture😊" After that, you definitely get a reply from your crush or girls whom you wanna talk with.

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