Download AdMob Extension Aix For Free | AdMob Aix-Extension | AdMob Extension For Kodular

Download AdMob Extension Aix For Free | AdMob Aix-Extension | AdMob Extension For Kodular

Hello everyone, I am going to provide you free AdMob Extension Aix file that you use in your Kodular App Inventory. You can use this extension for free without paying any charges to Kodular Team. As a developer you know that kodular team takes more commission for ads that they say 21% but not they take more from one developer so to get rid of this  I introduce an AdMob extension which works on any app inventory just you have to download that AIX file of Admob and import it to your app inventory.

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Also, others who give AdMob extension take charge around 100 euro but I will not do that i provide you the extension for free you just click on the download button then it started to download and you can use that AdMob ads extension for free.

How to download AdMob Extension Aix file?

You can download AdMob Extension Aix file for free from TechGuruji66 drive here I can provide you the best Aix for kodular for free like now i am providing the AdMob Aix file so click to the below Link to download Aix of AdMob.
Now, you have to click on download button and after download, you can get aix file of admob from google drive which is named as "ADMOB-AIX" and after getting this you can import to any app inventory and use to show ads without paying any commission to any one.

Does Kodular Banned Us If We Use External Admob Aix To Monitize Our App?

No, because you don't get banned from kodular if you use external admob aix because i am also using this since 3 months ago and still my app can show ads without any problem in any place inside kodular or in admob so, you can use this extension for your app as well.

How to upload Admob Aix to Any App Inventory?

First of all, open your app inventory then open your app project where you want to show ads now you have to click on import option from your app inventory which you have to use to upload any file to your app inventory then after clicking to your app import click on admob aix file which you have downloaded from techguru66 and now import and after import you can use the admob extension for free.

What is Param String in Admob Extension?

In Admob Extension paramString is used to submit your ad unit id and by using that ad unit id admob extension show ads to your app and you can get that code after creating a ads from ad unit and it is looked like "ca-app-pub-XXXXXXXXXX/1234567890"

What is paramAndroidViewComponent in Admob Extension?

ParaAndroidViewComponent is used as a space for or place for admob ads extension you can give space name as a horizontal space or vertical space as given in figure:-

How to show Medium Sized Admob Ads?

You can show medium sized admob ads by checking to the component view and there you get a medium sized banner ads then take that block and give paramString and paramAndroidComponent.


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