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TechGuru66 app provides all in 1 features in one app like users can able to play games, earn money, read articles, and do lots of work, etc. Also please leave a comment if you find bugs, any glitches, and share your user experience because you're in the app experience and every information can help to make the app better in the future.

How to download Techguru66 App?

Techguru66 App is a social entertainment app that has provided tech-related information in different variants like a social network, News update, windows and Mobile, Game and Emulator and Blogs and Template, WhatsApp groups links, telegram channel links, telegram groups links, and many more. 

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You have to click on the download button below and your download is started then, you can easily get access to that feature from our app without restrictions. 

What is New on TechGuru66 App?

We have introduced a new user-friendly home screen UI with some advanced features like the Game feature, Chat feature, and many more. We still making such a feature available to you in a few months but first, we need your feedback for this because your feedback can help us to make a better user experience without any difficulties.

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Help us by sending feedback to us?

Help us in making our app more useful to everyone and for this, you only have to send feedback from the below feedback button and you can send what you like to see the new features in our app and on what features we have to work and improve it. also, use our app and if you find any glitches then send us its image and how can you find it.

Privacy Policy of TechGuru66 app

In our privacy policy, we never use user data for our own use and never sell user data to anyone and our privacy and policy are fully secured for children and everyone.

Read our Privacy Policy From Here:-https://privacypolicyoftechguru66app

What is coming in New Feature Updates?

Recently, we are going to launch the app in which there are some features is not live available like games and chats feature. Also, we are adding some feature which is still in working period so, until the next update doesn't come you can use our app which doesn't have chat and game feature but surely we will update our app and send that updated app with better features.

What is New to TechGuru66 App?

New features are listed below our team members are working hard to make that feature available to you:-

- Bug Fix
- New Home UI
- Some New Features
- Chat Features (still working on this project)
- Games (still working on this project)
- User-friendly Interface
- Fully Secured for everyone
- Free to use.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions about my Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact me at

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