How To Go Viral On TikTok Instantly

How To Go Viral On TikTok Instantly

You still wondering how to go viral on TikTok instantly, right? I will tell you the way that definitely helps you to go viral on TikTok instantly. TikTok is the social media that get viral during this pandemic or quarantine period. You have heard about the many famous TikTok stars and probably you also heard about their earnings from Tiktok and you also heard why only they get famous why I am not?. Don't worry now it's your turn to go viral on Tiktok. 

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Keep in mind that TikTok will always try to continue your video performance push forward. It depends on your hand to make your video viral on TikTok. The first two hours of your video upload if it gets 300 points then there is a high chance to go viral on TikTok. One year back I started making a TikTok video and get 15 million views on my video only in 20 days. I also follow the same strategy which I am going to mention below.

Fact:- TikTok is the fastest growing social media app in the world with an estimated over 800 million active users worldwide and still growing.

How many views on TikTok is best for viral?

To get viral on TikTok you have to reach 300 points or people's views on your video within an hour or two hours. However, this is the estimated calculation or the best way to get viral on TikTok. If a  video reaches 90 to 100 % watched fully then you will get 1 point.

Top 25 Popular TikToker On 2021 

S.N. Name Likes Follower Username
1 charlidamelio 9.4B 117.7M @charli d’amelio
2 addisonre 5.2B 81.1M @addison rae
3 bellapoarch 1.6B 73.1M @Bella Poarch
4 khaby.lame 990.2M 71.6M @Khabane lame
5 zachking 752.7M 60.6M @Zach King
6 willsmith 334.7M 55.3M @Will Smith
7 tiktok 253.9M 54.7M @TikTok
8 spencerx 1.3B 53.4M @Spencer X
9 dixiedamelio 3B 52.4M @dixie
10 justmaiko 1.3B 48.8M @Michael Le
11 jasonderulo 1.1B 46.5M @Jason Derulo
12 brentrivera 1.2B 38.9M @Brent Rivera
13 therock 202.8M 36.9M @The Rock
14 babyariel 1.9B 35.3M @BabyAriel
15 avani 2.4B 34.1M @avani
16 itsjojosiwa 1.1B 34M @JoJo Siwa
17 gilmhercroes 813.3M 33.4M @GIL CROES
18 nishaguragain 757.1M 28.1M @Nisha Guragain
19 flighthouse 2.4B 27.8M @flighthouse
20 arianagrande 73.8M 24.9M @arianagrande
21 lelepons 431.4M 23.7M @Lele Pons
22 justinbieber 75.4M 21.8M @Justin Bieber
23 iambeckyg 52M 9.2M @Becky G
24 iamauroramusic 18.4M 2.4M @AURORA
25 aligatie 25.9M 2.2M @Aligate

How to go viral on TikTok instantly?

TikTok is also referred to as a lip-syncing app and also a community where all ages people can share a variety of content related to their lifestyle or any others platforms like comedy, drama, sci-fi, story, and many more. Tiktok also provides the platform to watch, create and share videos along with a soundtrack of popular music.

From the TikTok app popular influencers earning up to the US $1 million per post in present days. Let's dive into some points to go viral on TikTok Instantly. Here are the 25 ways to go viral on TikTok.

1. Always alerts on trends

TikTok is full of trends, you found many new trends every day on TikTok. Such trend includes food, dances, mini-tutorials, comedy, and many more things. Let's take an example of Famous TikToker Charli D' Amelio, she went viral after posting a dancing video on "Renegade" and many people noticed her dance. You can also check for the discover page or use the hashtags which are mostly used by people. 

Go to the "for you" page for common trends. Don't forget to give credit to the original users. The conclusion is simple, be alert about the TikTok trends and follow the trends if you want to go viral on TikTok instantly.

2. Be short your videos

The average time period of the TikTok video is 12 seconds according to experts. Keep your video short as possible, many people watch short videos more than along. TikTok provides the facility to share your video until the 1 minute or 15 seconds but I suggest you make your video short and sweet. Short videos have more chance to go viral on TikTok.

3. Leave some suspense in the video

Why I am saying this? If you leave some suspense or question on your video then it helps to increase your comments which will help you to go viral on TikTok. If you are getting a good response then continue the process until you will go viral. explain the suspense a little bit later.

4. Post many videos

To go viral on TikTok you have to post many videos and gain followers but you need to upload videos unique and according to routine. The video you upload shows you and your real personality. Mostly, people like unique videos. Keep in mind that no single video gets you followers that's why you need consistency and patience during the period. Compare to other social media it is quite easy to viral on TikTok.

5. Always use hashtags

To go viral on TikTok hashtags play a vital role. Not only on TikTok in every social media platform hashtags have their own role to make viral content. In TikTok, you can discover the trending hashtags on the discover page. Hashtags help to blow your videos into many people's hands. According to research, the most used hashtags are #blacklivesmatter and #blm.

6. Never use #FYP, #FORYOU, and other generic hashtags on your video

Why I am saying to you that not to use #FYP, #foryou, or other generic hashtags? The main reason is those hashtags are always not beneficial. I mean #FYP, #foryou, or other generic hashtags is not do anything. Use niche tags means if you have a niche video then you need to use that same niche hashtags which can help you and TikTok show your video to the right audience more than from that hashtags. But if you're posting a video that targets multiple audiences then let the algorithm serve and decide what it should be shown.

7. Make your profile approachable

Try to make your username the same on all social media because it makes it easy for people to reach and follow you easily. But be careful while picking your username, profile picture, and personal information. And also not make your user name too long which affects to remember it. Use a personal column having 80 characters. If you are active in another social media except for TikTok then you also link your site on TikTok. That's why profile also plays a vital role to go viral on TikTok.

8. Follow the 3-second rule

You are incomplete on TikTok unless you are aware of the TikTok algorithms. If you want to get more reach on your TikTok video or go viral on TikTok then you must post your valuable content and need knowledge of TikTok algorithms. So, in this condition, the 3-second rule is also one of the key features to go viral on TikTok. 

After you share your TikTok video the algorithm of TikTok will send your video onto users for your' pages, only for a short period of time because TikTok wants to check that your video is engaging or not. Users need to stay more than 3 seconds or more than that. So make your TikTok video engaging and you got a higher chance to viral on TikTok.

9. Make your video outside TikTok

Another way to go viral on TikTok is the editing skill of your video. Many people make their video from TikTok and they upload without editing or through the TikTok edit but, if you do little effort and edit your TikTok video outside TikTok or from a normal video editor, then there is a high chance to go viral of your video. If you notice many videos on TikTok nowadays are more accurately edited with beauty. So, don't stick only on TikTok edits.

10. You need to reply to all comments

More comments on video get more chance to go viral on TikTok. So, make people comments more and more but don't reply to your comment too fast otherwise you will get blocked for 24 hours. More comments on your TikTok videos get good reach. And many people love to comment when they like your video. So, there is a high chance to go viral on TikTok if you increase more number of comments.

11. Create a story in your video

As you see many of the dances and songs are always goes on viral on TikTok. If you talented and have the skill to speak a story, the poem then definitely you create a story in your video then many people love to hear it. A story can be anything like interesting things that happen in your life or something that happens in a day. If you make a story in your video then there is a high chance to go viral on TikTok.

12. Share your experience, tips, and advice 

People not only use TikTok for entertainment but also for learning. So, if you are an expert in any certain subject then create a video on that topic which helps people to learn more about it. And the quick bullet point videos are best for it and having the text over the screen guide the user in the form of a mini-lesson. Mainly girls/women love shopping, you can share your favorite product which is personally used by you or having knowledge in it.  It is the best way to go viral on TikTok and also helps to monetize.

TikTok won’t allow to use your own song but, if you do want to 
upload with your own audio then, select a song, and set that second song to 0 volume.

 13. Try your own audio

Tiktok uses songs or audio as a major point for ranking and TikTok is based on short video and music. So, whatever audio you have used in your video you must include that song in the description and in the hashtag. Also, the TikTok algorithm automatically detects that music and the major point is that your music is the main keyword for your video and helps your video to rank and getting more views. Also, if someone just searches your music then your video shows first, and this way you go viral on TikTok.

14. Spend 15-30 mins by watching videos on the FYP

It is also another best way to getting viral on Tiktok because when you watch a video on FYP tag then you can know about the creative way to make a video and from there you also get an idea for your video which helps you to make in next video. so spend time watching the FYP video.

15. Make a quality video

Why I am coving this topic? The reason is many beginners make TikTok videos having poor quality. Many of them have not good knowledge that how to use TikTok. Always remember to upload your best and quality videos which help to engage people more than usual. Having a good camera is not only makes your videos viral but the quality matter. So, this is the way you go viral on TikTok.

16. Share your TikTok videos on different social media

Share your TikTok videos on different social media also helps you to go viral on TokTok. In other social media handle your friends, the family will show your videos and it directly helps you to push towards. It is a kind of backlink that helps to increase your views as well as your likes on TikTok. Sharing videos on other social media is another step to go viral on TikTok.

17. Try different Niche

TikTok is the platform where anything can go viral at any time so don't lose your hope too early. So, if you stick on any one niche and you are no getting a proper response on it then try a different one. Just do some experiments that what users want from your video. If you are good at singing and you also know some dance steps but you are not getting views on singing video then try some dancing videos on TikTok. Maybe your users love your dance, who knows? everything gonna viral on TikTok in just a second. 

18. Do something crazy which makes people rewatch your video

So, what does it means? Don't worry I am here to tell you. Something crazy means anythings that entertain, confuses, or shocked people and they again watch your video to understand or entertained from that part like make some video part too fast, write some text between the video, show something new things which people never saw and etc. If you apply this process then users will engage in your video and according to the TikTok algorithm it's a great video and TikTk starts to show it to more people. This is also a great way to go viral on TikTok.

19. Having a strong call to action

I guess this point not only helps to go viral but also to grow your following.  Let's take an example what if 6 million views on your video and you have only got 3000 flowers from it? In the past time, TikTok pushes your video to more people on the basis of like, comment, follow. You have a strong call to action in your caption at the end of your video like "Like for part 2", "follow for more" and many more. Having a strong CTA on your video can be the difference between 3M views with 3K new followers and 10 M views with 50K new followers. Make your CTA a few seconds long so that people have time to follow you before moving into the next video. Having a strong CTA also helps you to go viral on TikTok.

20. Don't upload other's video

Yes, you heard absolutely right. uploading other's video and post like it is yours is not way fare way. If you upload other's videos from TikTok and post them on your TikTok then you not gonna viral instead your account will freeze from TikTok. Many of you watch many viral videos of different celebrities and you think to download and upload as it is your but it is not a good idea.  I suggest you make your own video or content which will help you in the future. Sharing the video from TikTok is allowed but upload other content/video is named as your is not.

21. Joining the live videos

You might be thinking by joining the live video, how can I go viral on TikTok? If you know the rule of TikTok, going live TikTik needs 1000 thousand followers until that you cannot go live. So, if you join another live video then you will interchange your followers, and if you have more followers then you have more views on your TikTok videos. Joining the influencer live helps you to know more ideas about TikTok algorithms and the way to go viral. Actually, it is not a bad idea for beginners.

22. Choose a trending music

Choosing the trending music will directly help you to go viral on TikTok. According to my point of view, trending music means the music loved by everyone. If you tried to make a video on trending music TikTok also push your video in front of more people cause the music on-trend. And if your video is also engaging then you definitely go viral on TikTok.

23. Ask some questions on video

In many cases, people love to give their opinion and if you ask questions on your TikTok video then people will definitely engage and try to comment on the answers. In this way, a number of comment is high and according to the algorithm of TikTok if you have a high number of comment, like or share you have high chance to go viral. If it works properly then make the series of it like part 1, part 2, and many more.

24. Copy link

Yes, you heard right. I don't know this is a kind of glitch or what but it works on TikTok. In the previous time if you copy your video link several times then it automatically increases your followers. But, I think TikTok fix it. So if you want to check that it still works or not then simply copy your video link and share it with your friends and tell them to click that link. After that check to your followers.

25. Follow and unfollow

So, what is follow and unfollow? Don't worry I will explain you. This is also another glitch or bug of TikTok. If you do follow and unfollow several times on any celebrity TikTok ID then you will automatically get some followers on your profile. I think this glitch is not fixed yet and it works still now. So, try it and tell me in the comment section that it increase your followers or not.


These are some steps that help you to go viral on TikTok. It's not tough to get fame on social media. You just need to follow it in positive ways. Follow the above points and see the result. You will definitely thanks me later. Don't forget to check the last two steps for instant results.

Top 25 Popular TikTokers In 2021

In the above paragraph, I told you how to go viral on TikTok. And now I am showing you some viral celebrities on Tiktok nowadays. Maybe my listing is suitable but I put it here according to Followers and those which I found on TikTok. If you found more popular TikTokers then comment below. Now, here is the list of the Top 25 popular TikToker who get viral in 2021. Check these out.

#25 aligate (2.2M Followers, 25.9M Likes, @Aligate)

Ali Gatie is an Iraqi–Canadian singer and songwriter. His 2019 song "It's You" gets viral on the US Billboard Hot 100 and at the top 40 in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and Sweden. Let's talk about his TikTok fan following. He has 2.2M followers with 25.9M likes and 112 Following. His username on TikTok is @Aligate.

#24 iamauroramusic (2.4M Followers, 18.4M Likes, 173 Following, @AURORA)

Aurora Aksnes also known as Aurora, is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, and record producer. Running with the wolves was released in 2015 and the video gets viral now on TikTok. She has 2.4M followers with 18.4M likes and 173 Following. Her username on TikTok is @AURORA.

#23 iambeckyg (9.2M Followers, 52M Likes, 125 Following, @Becky G)

Rebbeca Marie Gomez is also known as Becky G is an American singer. In 2011 when she began posting videos of herself by covering songs online then she gained recognition. She has 9.2M followers with 52M likes and 125 Following. Her username on TikTok is @Becky G.

#22 justinbieber (21.8M Followers, 75.4M Likes, 11 Following, @Justin Bieber)

Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian singer. He gains recognition with the release of his debut EP My World and established as a Teen Idol. He has 21.8M followers with 75.4M likes and 11 Following. His username on TikTok is @Justin Bieber.

#21 lelepons (23.7M Followers, 431.4M Likes, 211 Following, @Lele Pons)

Eleonora Pons Maronese is also known as Lele Pons is a Venezuelan American Internet celebrity, singer, actress, and youtube. She has 23.7M followers with 431.4M likes and 211 Following. Her username on TikTok is @Lele Pons.

#20 arianagrande (24.9M Followers, 73.8M Likes, 0 Following, @arianagrande)

Ariana Grande-Butera is an American singer and also actress. She made 22 Guinness World Records in his career also two Gramy Awards, one Brit Award, and many more. She has 24.9M followers with 73.8M likes and 0 Following. Her username on TikTok is @arianagrande.

#19 flighthouse (27.8M Followers, 2.4B Likes, 510 Following, @flighthouse)

Flighthouse is the show where people were invites and they do some fun inside their cast like asking questions, play some games, singing a song, and many more. It has 27.8M followers with 2.4B likes and 510 Following. The username on TikTok is @flighthouse.

#18 nishaguragain (28.1M Followers, 757.1M Likes, 38 Following, @Nisha Guragain)

Nisha Guragain is a singer from Mumbai, India. She is also known for her consistent lip-sync and fashion videos on TikTok. She has 28.1M followers with 757.1M likes and 38 Following. Her username on TikTok is @Nisha Guragain.

#17 gilmhercroes (33.4M Followers, 813.3M Likes, 467 Following, @GIL CROES)

Gilherm Croes also known as Gil Croes is a model, actor, and social media personality.He is one of the best Aruba celebrities and most followed TikTok star. He has 33.4M followers with 813.3M likes and 467 Following. His username on TikTok is @GIL CROES.

#16 itsjojosiwa (34M Followers, 1.1B Likes, 348 Following, @JoJo Siwa)

Joelle Joanie "JoJo" Siwa is an American dancer, actress, singer, and on youtube. She has also known for his Dance with Moms and for her singles "Boomerang" as well as "Kid" in a Candy store. She has 34M followers with 1.1B likes and 348 Following. Her username on TikTok is @JoJo Siwa.

#15 avani (34.1M Followers, 2.4B Likes, 4973 Following, @avani)

Avani Kiana Gregg is an American social media personality as well as a make-up artist. Gemma also plays a web series "chicken girls". She has 34.1M followers with 2.4B likes and 4973 Following. Her username on TikTok is @avani.

#14 babyariel (35.3M Followers, 1.9B Likes, 336 Following, @BabyAriel)

Ariel Rebecca Martin is also known as Baby Ariel. She is an American social media personality, actress, and singer. She has 35.3M followers with 1.9B likes and 336 Following. Her username on TikTok is @BabyAriel.

#13 therock (36.9M Followers, 202.8M Likes, 1 Following, @The Rock)

Dwayne Douglas Johnson is also known as the Rock. He is an American actor, producer, retired professional wrestler, and also former American footballer. He has 36.9M followers with 202.8M likes and  1 Following. His username on TikTok is @The Rock.

#12 brentrivera (38.9M Followers, 1.2B Likes, 279 Following, @Brent Rivera)

Brent Austin Rivera is also known as brentrivera. He is an American YouTuber, social media personality, and actor. He has played the roles of  Alexander in Alexander IRL and Issac Salcedo in Light as a Feather. He has 38.9M followers with 1.2B likes and  279 Following. His username on TikTok is @Brent Rivera. 

#11 jasonderulo (46.5M Followers, 1.1B Likes, 15 Following, @Jason Derulo)

Jason Joel Desrouleaux was also known by his stage name Jason Derulo. He is an American singer, dancer, songwriter. He has 46.5M followers with 1.1B likes and  15 Following. His username on TikTok is @Jason Derulo.

#10 justmaiko (48.8M Followers, 1.3B Likes, 101 Following, @Michael Le)

Michael Le is an American Youtuber, social media influence as well as TikTok star. His favorite hobby is dancing and he also good at choreography. He has 48.8M followers with 1.3B likes and  101 Following. His username on TikTok is @Michael Le.

#9 dixiedamelio (52.4M Followers, 3B Likes, 1327 Following, @dixie)

Dixie Jane D'Amelio is also the name of Dixie. He is an American social media and known as a singer for her videos. She starred in the Youtube web series Attaway General in 2020. She has 52.4M followers with 3B likes and  1327 Following. Her username on TikTok is @dixie.

#8 spencerx (53.4M Followers, 1.3B Likes, 7144 Following, @Spencer X)

Spencer Polanco Knight also known as Spencer x who was born in April20, 1992. He is a beatboxer and also a Youtube star. He has 53.4M followers with 1.3B likes and  7144 Following. His username on TikTok is @Spencer X.

#7 tiktok (54.7M Followers, 253.9M Likes, 500 Following, @TikTok)

TikTok which is named Douyin in china is a video-sharing app owned by ByteDance company. It helps to make a variety of short-form videos, dance, comedy, as well as education in a sec or in minutes. It has 54.7M followers with 253.9M likes and  500 Following. The username on TikTok is @TikTok.

#6 willsmith (55.3M Followers, 334.7M Likes, 24 Following, @Will Smith)

Willard Carroll Smith Jr is an American actor, film producer, and rapper. He also nominates for five Globe Awards and also two Academy Awards. He has 55.3M followers with 334.7M likes and  24 Following. His username on TikTok is @Will Smith.

#5 zachking (60.6M Followers, 752.7M Likes, 43 Following, @Zach King)

Zach King is an American internet personality and a filmmaker. He is mostly known for his "Magic Vines". He called his videos"digital sleight of hand". He has 60.6M followers with 752.7M likes and  43 Following. His username on TikTok is @Zach King.

#4 khaby.lame (71.6M Followers, 990.2M Likes, 45 Following, @Khabane lame)

Khaban "Khaby" Lame is an Italian TikToker. He is known for short comedy skits where the resulting point was complicated the simple task for no reason at all. He has 71.6M followers with 990.2M likes and  45 Following. His username on TikTok is @Khabane lame.

#3 bellapoarch (73.1M Followers, 1.6B Likes, 595 Following, @Bella Poarch)

Bella Poarch is a Filipino-American social media personality as well as a singer. On August 18, 2020, she gets viral through the TikTok video "Soph Aspin Send" by British. She has 73.1M followers with 1.6B likes and  595 Following. Her username on TikTok is @Bella Poarch.

#2 addisonre (81.1M Followers, 5.2B Likes, 2451 Following, @addison rae)

Addison Rae Easterling is an American social media personality as well as a dancer. From July 2019, she started posting content on TikTok. She has 81.1M followers with 5.2B likes and  2451 Following. Her username on TikTok is @addison rae.

#1 charlidamelio (117.7M Followers, 9.4B Likes, 1210 Following, @charli d’amelio) 

Charli Grace D'Amelio is an American social media personality as well as a dancer. She was from Norwalk and also a competitive dancer for over 10 years before starting her social media career. She has 117.7M followers with 9.4B likes and 1210 Following. Her username on TikTok is @charli d’amelio.

These are the top 25 popular TikTok in 2021. I already told you that the above list is based on my research. I will list the above point according to their followers. Besides these, if you know more TikTokers then let me know in a comment.

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