How to Go Viral: 20 Ways Going Viral On Social Media

 How to Go Viral: 20 Ways Going Viral On Social Media

How to Go Viral: 20 Ways Going Viral On Social Media, Sometimes you just want to check and see what’s going viral in the social media world but you do
20 Ways Going Viral On Social Media

It was certainly interesting and a fun way to document a phenomenon I've never seen before and haven't seen in a long time. My initial thought, not particularly sympathetic to the young social media neophyte, was, "Who will want to go viral? It's way too dangerous. You could end up in a media circus and have a flock of fans all going mad with wild rumors."

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Sadly, the realities of going viral, just like going viral on social media, are very different. People are more mobile, media is more accessible, and content becomes viral quicker. 

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On this day of months, if you’re really good, a new viral video or song will come on your phone or computer. And if you’re really good, you’ll feel the whole thing was meant to be. But what does it mean to go viral? And what steps do you need to take your content viral? 

There are two types of viral content: viral of the social media type and viral of the social media type. The social media type refers to content that takes off in the social media networks and quickly spreads across the web.

And the viral of the social media type is like the viral of the Internet in the sense that social media companies would make the social media content go viral. Social media marketers may have increased their social media efforts to new heights, and experts may now claim a virality-boosting solution or two, but a few new ways to create buzz and excitement can drastically increase your efforts as well.

The Viral Nation on the Facebook page went viral with its most successful post (so far) on Feb. 13, 2013. It was a social media equivalent of the viral photo of the woman being violently dragged through the air by her neck by the crowd that somehow went viral in 2012. The Viral Nation video is entitled Viral On, On Stage At The Fashion Show! It was just six minutes long. The Facebook page has over 588,000 "likes."

How to Go Viral: 20 Ways Going Viral On Social Media, Sometimes you just want to check and see what’s going viral in the social media world but you do
 20 ways going viral on social media

To date, it's been viewed about 40 million times and gained almost 450,000 likes and almost 12,000 shares, which is, admittedly, a little behind the expected viral video pace. Still, the viral media record was broken twice with the spread of that post (which remains on the Facebook page). So far Viral Nation hasn't been involved in a viral media party or trip since its creation. That's because you can only go viral once. 

You can't just jump on the viral bandwagon and it has to have "the right story" for it to reach the top. The Viral Nation story didn't get "the right story." It did get tons of "likes" but was probably more noticeable because it seemed that a few people jumped on to it early and got far more traction.

There's a lot of social media "social" going on, but nothing like the influence of that Saturday night at the Grand Theater (as it was called). At this particular point in time, Viral Nation is not a viral phenomenon, at least not yet. Viral Nation still has to create viral content to move people, like the viral commercial I noticed this summer. 

For some reason, most viral commercials (like any viral-minded business) don't seem to go viral or gain much traction. Or, more realistically, they're on social media for just long enough (like seven or eight seconds) to move their friends, but most people just see it and move on. 

As I tell you, it might be going to happen sooner or later. But as of now, Viral Nation is still more of an idea than a phenomenon. You can’t stop it completely, but you can do your best to increase your chances of going viral. With that, here are 20 ways to go viral on social media.

1. Make It Social

Social media is a social website. You can share your social posts on any social platform you choose. Put them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Make it as social as you can. Put your social media posts in the most popular places to get social traffic, if you don’t want to do paid advertising.

Social media can also be used to promote a free promotion on a social platform like Facebook or Instagram. Even something simple like posting a photo on Instagram can be a great way to go viral.

2. Social Tools

Social media is very convenient. You can use many different social tools to get your posts seen. Make your social posts different from your normal business posts. Use a social tool to create a viral post.

3. Don’t Use Old Social Media Posts

People don’t go viral because of something they saw five years ago. They go viral because of something they saw yesterday or they saw just the day before. Be on top of your social media posting. Use social media tools like Twitter and Instagram. Take a look at your posts from just a few days ago. Make sure you don’t have things on the social posts you’ve seen before.

4. Use Sound For Marketing

Did you know people now listen to the sound? Well, they do. Some people use Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and YouTube to listen to music. If you have a YouTube channel then you can record sound and share it. It’s the type of marketing you can’t do through social media without a sound or video.

5. Don’t Start With The Official Version

Everyone has heard that the saying goes that “it’s all about the new and updated version.” It’s true that the most successful posts are updated regularly. With social media, you don’t have to use the official version. Be sure to post your new version, or maybe just one new piece of content about what your business does.

Social media is social. Don’t put your social posts in the official version. You can always post a new version later, but you don’t always have to do it immediately. 

6. Use words and language that means something

If you’re making a video blog, be as specific and clear as you can. Save any fluff for Twitter or other sites. Social media is all about engagement, so if you’re trying to get the attention you need to provide the kind of holding patient among the viewers which directly boosts your video blog and you have a high chance to get viral on social media. use a high-ranked keyword and language which suggest the number 1 position always.

7. Start With An Analysis

When you first begin social media marketing, your goal should be to reach your targeted demographic. This is one of the easiest ways to get your brand going viral.

First, create a list of customers or potential supporters, then analyze them to understand their likes, dislikes, and how they interact with your marketing. If the majority of customers on your list like or love your product or have a connection to your company, they may create a viral buzz and push your social media efforts to the next level.

8. Use the Vine app

Most people have heard of Vine and most of those people have probably had a chance to use it. It’s really cool. Vine is a video-sharing application that launched last summer. And like many apps today, it gets its viral potential from the way it brings the social to the mobile and social media world. 

The social media possibilities of Vine make it that much more of a coveted app to use because if you’re going to do anything, it seems like you’d want to do it on Vine. Because it’s on social media, it’s probably going to go viral. There’s one way you’re going to go viral on Vine. Any social media post that’s going to go viral would go viral on Vine.

9. Go Viral with social media

Take your brand's brand communication to a whole new level by directly reaching out to your social media audience to create a viral-inspired buzz.

Perhaps, someone, you follow shares a video or photo of your product, brand, or even yourself. They go on to take their efforts further and share their success and the fact that you can reach more people. This may spark a viral response from customers who are watching or sharing the original post. 

Once they begin to share the original post, it will be like the domino effect of viral marketing. Those consumers may share your post and the original post to their social media accounts, which will cause a new wave of consumers to share it as well.

This same method can be used to create buzz around a product or brand as well. Start a social media campaign to promote your brand and products, and create a social media buzz around it. You can use this approach to capture new fans, convert the crowd to supporters, or get the audience to brand recognition.

10. Share your videos and photos

Sharing photos and videos is another method that may help a product or brand gain a viral following. As a brand or business, you can share something you are proud of or promote the launch of a new product or social media campaign.

This creates an instant viral buzz by telling people your message and a unique angle on the content you are sharing. It also gives them a chance to enjoy your content without having to deal with a long, complicated, multi-step social media campaign. You can get people's attention and ultimately make them remember your brand or product.

Have Someone Tell You That You’re Going Viral On Social Media?

Sometimes you just want to check and see what’s going viral in the social media world. If you’re an entrepreneur, you might want to have someone that’s got social media reach to tell you what’s going viral on the social media sites. It can help. Sometimes you’re going to think something’s going viral, but it’s not, it’s viral of the social media type. 

How to Go Viral: 20 Ways Going Viral On Social Media, Sometimes you just want to check and see what’s going viral in the social media world but you do
20 ways going viral on social media

If you’re a professional social media writer, have someone tell you that you’re going viral. A lot of people will tell you what they think is going viral. Some things that are viral are going viral by the social media company’s plans, not by how well they’re doing.

11. Use Instagram

There’s more Instagramming going on in the world than on Vine right now. So it’s obvious that there’s something about Instagram that makes it go viral. People are social, the chances of going viral are higher on Instagram than on Vine. It’s a shorter opportunity, but the viral potential is similar. It’s just a matter of taking pictures and putting them in a video format to do something viral.

12. Engage with social media

An even simpler way to get a piece of the social media marketing pie is to simply join an online community. Social media sites are more than just networking opportunities, but also a medium to engage with an engaged audience.

Instead of simply posting your content to a Facebook page or other social media site and letting others post comments and likes on your content, you can engage with people in a more intimate way. Make an effort to comment, ask questions, and offer a way to get to know you. You will be surprised how much positive attention you will receive.

13. Share your Links

The key to the viral marketing of a product or brand is to find an online resource that is relevant to your product or service.

For example, if you have a large restaurant or a food product you are offering, make sure to promote a food blog or a food-related social media page to encourage customers to take their business and create a viral buzz. Or, if you offer a financial service, offer a financial blog, financial Twitter page, or even a financial-related YouTube channel to encourage people to take a closer look and buy a financial product or service.

The beauty of social media is that you can promote what is relevant to your brand or business. You are able to make social media marketing more relevant to your target market than ever before, even if that product or service is not a food, beverage, or physical product.

14. Use Snapchat

Snapchat is popular but it’s very easy to go viral on Snapchat, it’s only slightly viral of the social media type. Another way to go viral on Snapchat is going viral on Instagram as a user. There are a lot of ways to go viral on Snapchat, but it’s going viral as a user that makes it viral of the social media type.

How many ways to go viral on Snapchat?

There are four different ways to go viral on Snapchat. 

1. One way is viral of the social media type. That’s going viral on Snapchat as a user and then going viral as the company because people like it on Snapchat.

2. The second viral thing you can do on Snapchat is going viral as a business because it’s popular among businesses.

3. And the third way you can go viral on Snapchat is viral of the social media type because you’re in the social media world.

4. The fourth way you can go viral on Snapchat is viral of the social media type because you can go viral by putting up content.

So, Snapchat is the social media type that has a higher chance to go viral.

15. Create A Viral Video On YouTube

YouTube will have a viral hit, they’ll make something viral for their own social media network. And YouTube will make it viral of the social media type because it gets posted in a viral way by somebody else.YouTube is a way to create a viral video for the social media type. You can make something viral on YouTube by sharing it, but it’s going viral of the social media type because YouTube is a social media network.

16. Tweets That Go Viral Are Viral

Tweets go viral when they become viral. It doesn’t matter if the tweets have 10 likes or one. Even if the tweets have none, they go viral because they get spread around. If you get one like, it goes viral. It won’t matter how many views it gets if it gets 50,000 views. The tweets that go viral are viral because they have reached their goal.

17. Don’t go at it alone.

Create posts that include a call to action that will provide a referral for the blog or the brand. For example, have them sign up for your mailing list, retweet your post, or check out their social media channels. If possible, use a catchy, yet creative headline.

18. Personalize your social media

The next time you try to market a social media campaign to an individual focus on creating a personalized outreach with the person or business. Social media platforms are crowded with brands and individuals who are trying to gain traction on the same platforms with the same exact goals. 

Once a single person takes a few steps towards you, you may only be in the same space as hundreds of others at the same time. Unless you have a message that specifically stands out from the crowd, your efforts will be diluted.

Your communication may not be going to the perfect person, but the message may still reach a large enough crowd to increase your social media presence to a viral level. The more you reach out to potential supporters, the more personal you may be able to be. If a person likes your marketing efforts, they will be more likely to take action or share their enthusiasm as well.

19. Keep Relevant Content Channels Open To The Public

Relevant social channels allow for greater exposure. Look for channels that you can promote by referring your audience to your own social channels.

20. Be funny. 

People love making fun of celebrities and celebrities love making fun of themselves. Just watch the roast of Justin Bieber. It's a great comedy, but that's not the way you should do it. There are a lot of people who do it well, but you should not try to get famous through comedy.

How to make something go viral on Social media?

To make something going viral just see these points. I think you got some ideas from these points.

1. Have a fun social media page.

2. Be well-informed.

3. Just don’t post clickbait.

4. Take care of your clients.

5. Don’t bully.

6. Hang out on Facebook groups.

7. Tweets like a pro.

8. Be a good marketer.

9. Be controversial. And if you're not controversial, don't do it.

10. Engage With Your Audience

Do you see yourself "going viral"? What should Viral Nation do to get there?

In my experience, people who go viral on social media are people who use the Internet to promote their businesses, products, or services. That's good news for people like Viral Nation. I'd imagine, if Viral Nation keeps producing viral-worthy content and is as successful as it's hoping to be, people will see the commercial, the funny viral stories, and viral photos.

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20 Ways Going Viral On Social Media Frequently asked questions

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