When is Teej in Nepal?

When is Teej in Nepal

| When is Teej in Nepal | 

Teej is a festival that is celebrated specially by all of our Hindu women for marital bliss ( Kind of happiness in their marriage life) or for their husband's long life. Am I right? If you are reading this article and you are Nepali then you definitely know more than me. Let's check out some more event-related to the Teej festival in Nepal.

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When we celebrate the Teej festival?

So, let's talk about the celebration time period of the Teej festival. Basically, the Teej festival is occurring during the arrival of monsoon season of severe heat, and this year the Teej festival is in the month of August 21 Friday.

Teej is mainly celebrated by women all over Nepal among three days. The festival is a three-day festival that combines delicious foods. Dressed in red saree and put red tika, bangles, women sing and dance to traditional folk songs of the day. It is especially important for married women when they receive a special invitation to visit their mother's home and party( Dar program).

Explanation of the Teej festival.

The first day of this festival is known as the Dar Khane Din, the women sit for a long 24-hour fast, during which most do not eat or drink water. Let me tell you the interesting thing about these festivals women of all ages, young and old, dancing for hours in the heat, rain, without running water or food all day. Huge respect to all of Nepali women. They fast all the day not for them only for their husband's long life.

It is interesting to see in the temple of Pashupatinath, where thousands of women stare at the red and green crowds in the temple area. Viewers can take pictures of these women dancing suddenly, where sometimes foreigners, especially female guests, are asked to participate in the event.

The significance of such a ceremony is that women ask for special blessings from Lord Shiva, find a good husband in life, and pray for his long life and success.

On the last day of the three-day festival, the Women satisfy the seven saints by giving them food, money and various offerings, and bathing in the Red mud and brushing their teeth with Datiwan (tree branches) in the hope that this purifies their bodies and souls.

Short Summary of the Teej festival.

Teej's first day is called Dar Khane Din. On this day women, married and single, mostly Khas ethnic, gather songs and dances of Teej, wearing their beautiful costumes (wedding saris or some jewelry). Among all of this, a great celebration takes place. The meeting usually lasts until midnight, after which the 24-hour fast begins.

The second day is a day of fasting. Some women live without a piece of food and a drop of water while others take water and fruit. On this day, they dressed in red and visited the nearby Shiva temple. Pashupatinath Temple receives the highest number of devotees during this day. The third day of the festival is Rishi Panchami. And this day is also called the last day of the Teej festival. All women did puja of Risi Panchami and end this festival.

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