What is the price of Google Pixel 4A

What is the price of Google Pixel 4A

| What is the price of Google Pixel 4A |

In this modern era, people tend to love Google by bringing technology that works to more people at a way lower cost, if not for free of charge. For those like that, I even have some good news: Google is getting really, specialized at cutting prices, while still delivering quality, with its Smartphones. As a Proof? Pixel 4A smartphone, a corporation that launched on Monday.

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Hmm... Now the price you can pay for Google Pixel 4A is less than $399.

With this latest tool, Google took the simplest features from its top $ 800 Pixel 4 - specifically, excellent camera system and enormous, bright screen - and put it into a $ 350 app body. That's but $ 50 less of last year's Pixel 3A, which was Google's first budget phone.

The Pixel 4A is cheaper than high-end devices because it doesn't have smartphones, like a wireless charger and a face scanner. But what you buy, maybe a huge amount. Its camera quality and bright screen are on the way with many beautiful smartphones out there.

Like the $ 399 iPhone SE, released by Apple in April, the Pixel 4A may be a sign that you simply not got to buy the nose with an excellent smartphone with an honest camera.

Some features of Google Pixel 4A

Generally, people wanted a large screen, Long battery life, lots of storage a great camera, and other things as well. So, all of this stuff is provided by Google as we all know Google, which prides itself on being driven by data, surveyed its customers to find out what they wanted in a smartphone.

1. The screen measures 5.81-inch diagonal and relies on OLED technology (organic emitting diode), a new type of display that can be made smaller, simpler, and brighter with color contrast than before, LCD, or crystal display. For a device in this price range, this is a very nice display, with beautiful colors, bright colors, and deep shadow details.

2. Its colors are not as accurate as of the screen on Apple's Apple 9 $ iPhone 11 Pro, which is almost the same size, but for the price, I can't complain.

3. Google Pixel 4A has a long battery life that makes sense, though your miles may depend on what you do. For regular daily work emails, calls, and texts, I had a battery life of more than 30 percent in the evening. But on weekends, when I have time to relax, playing games and watching videos with 4A drains the battery for a few hours. This is typical of Smartphones.

4. Google Pixel 4A comes with only one model with a large amount of storage: 128 gigabytes, enough for the most casual users to store thousands of photos and many apps and games. This was a wise decision by Google. Whenever I talk to people about their technical problems, running out of storage on their phones is a common complaint.

5. Pixel Phones is famous for its camera system, which features software-enabled installation and machine learning. The Pixel 4A has some of the most important features of Google's camera, including Portrait mode, also known as the bokeh effect, which puts the image caption focused on blurring the background. It also provides Night Sight, which makes photos taken with a low profile look like they were shot in normal conditions, without the flash.

6. The 4A doesn't have any of the features that were in the Pixel 4 - such as a wireless charger and a face scanner. That’s not a deal to make a cheap device.

7. But Google has left one important factor: water resistance. That could keep the phone accidentally plugged in the toilet or left in the storm. So it was disappointing not to have it because durability is one of the things people wanted most on their smartphones.

8. The company has abandoned water resistance because it puts other things first while reducing prices from last year's Pixel 3A, a Google spokesman said.

iPhone VS Google Pixel 4A

iPhone VS Google Pixel 4A

Although iPhone and Google pixel 4A both are the best smartphone ever we used. Both of them were best in their own sector but in this case, I check some normal capacity or comparison between iPhone and Google Pixel 4A. Let's get started.


While both phone cameras produce clear, satisfying images with a bright glow, the Pixel camera was slightly better than the iPhone camera. In part, it was Pixel's power to take pictures in low light, a useful feature in some cases, such as a family photo inside a bright restaurant.


The Google phone screen is much larger than the iPhone, which measures 4.7 inches and uses older, more flexible LCD screen technology.


On average, after a hard day's work, the Pixel 4A had a large battery left over in the evening. The iPhone SE battery was usually almost empty during dinner. (Unlike the Pixel 4A, the iPhone SE does not have wireless charging, which is not a good thing.)


Apple's phone is wet and dusty. That is a big benefit for budget-conscious consumers who want their phones to last for many years.


Web browsing and web play are still smoothly featured on the budget iPhone. The Apple handset uses the same computer processor like the one found on Apple's high-end phones, which is much faster in the market. People who plan to use their phone more for work activities may like the iPhone.


The iPhone SE starts at $ 399 for 64 gigabytes, a limited amount of storage that can quickly expand if you take multiple photos. To get an iPhone SE similar to 128 gigabytes in Pixel 4A, you will need to shell out $ 449.


As I told you earlier in this article both Pixel and Apple phones are great prices. Some may opt for the Pixel 4A with its rich set of features, while others may opt for the iPhone for a longer period of time.

What’s clear is that tech giants are now fiercely competing to provide bang-for-the-buck calls. For several years, especially after the launch of the $ 999 iPhone X in 2017, it felt like phone prices were only going up. It is a relief that the Pixel 4A is not only better than its predecessor but also cheaper.

So why spend $ 800 on the Pixel 4 if the Pixel 4A, which is less than half the price, also the best replacement for some great stuff? The obvious answer: Only gadget lovers should pay the premium of tech-cut-tech.

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