SEE result 2020 nepal

SEE result 2020 nepal

| SEE result 2020 Nepal |

Big news for all the SEE students. Today the Nepal Education Boards(NEB) officially launch the result of SEE. First of all, a huge congratulations to all SEE students. So, regarding this topic, we all need to know how to see our SEE result right...Don't way I am going to tell the difference and easiest way to see your result. Let's get started...

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How to saw the SEE result?

To saw your result in a short period of time there are three ways which are:-

1. Go to your message box and type SEE 36543645-your symbol number and send 35001.
2. Also, go to the message box and type SEE 35685388-your symbol number and send 1600.
3. If you are  (Ntc) Namaste user then directly call 1600 and follow the instruction to listen to your See result.
4. OR, visit this website or and

Note:- Due to a large amount of Traffic at the same time in the above website sometimes it does not open so be patients and wait for a day.

I think this much for today, Again I wish you the best of luck for your result.

Thank you!

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