How much traffic is required for adsense approval?

How much traffic is required for Adsense approval?


| How much traffic is required for Adsense approval? |

As we all know that the Google Adsense is a program run by Google itself for the website publisher o in google. It basically focused on the google network site content server text, images, video, or other social media for their advertisement. In a broader sense, Google Adsense is a way to promote our website, business, for publicity, and another one thing for earning money.

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Let's get into the main topic many people after starting a blog thinks how they will approve their google Adsense and start to earn money from their blog. Many of blogger also asks what are the process that they follow to approve the Google Adsense in a short period of time. So, today I am going to write what are the ways we can approve Google Adsense in a very short period of time and also how much traffic is required for Adsense approval. 

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How to get approval in Adsense?

How to get approval in Adsense?

To get approval in Google Adsense is quite easy. Because Google is a big platform and has its own rules and regulations it is easy to get rank on the top and approve the google Adsense. If you are a blogger you definitely know that SEO plays a vital role while writing any blog(Article). So, maintain the SEO boost article.

 Here are some of the Points you have to do before applying for Adsense:- 

1. High-quality content

High-quality content, what does it mean? It's simple You have to write your own unique article (blog) which must include with SEO, best keywords, unique title, more than 500 words, more than 1000 words if possible while starting.

Then, select the perfect label for the blog post. Another main point is to make a good permalink. If your permalink is not good then there is less chance of rank your post on google. Fillup the search description as well. This helps you to approve faster in Google Adsense.

Note:- You have to make a proper navigation menu with a proper and clear title.

2. Blog must be SEO friendly

Blog must be SEO friendly, what does it mean? It's quite simple as I earlier told you to make your post Seo friendly which means you have to choose the right keywords for your post. The post which helps you to rank easily in google or as well in bing and any other platform. 

If your blog is filled up with the right keyword and SEO then your post will automatically rank which helps to increase your blog/website traffic. I personally use keywords everywhere tools for research of keywords. I think it is good to use and faster to approve Google Adsense.

3. Write a limited Blog post

Write a limited blog post, what does it mean? It means you have to write a limited amount of post with normal words like if you write a post then you have to make the word limit 500, SEO friendly, and unique content. 

Because you don't have any idea at the beginning so make it simple and easy to write. Just write 1 post a day if you free otherwise 1 or 2 posts per week. People usually approve of Adsense after 15 to 20 posts.

4. Make your Privacy policy pages

Make your Privacy Policy pages, what does it mean? It's simple to understand it means the rules and regulation or the terms and condition you need to make for your websites is basically called Privacy or Policy. 

According to Google Adsense guideline if you want to Approve Adsense to your blog you have to make your website privacy and policy. There are many free websites from where you get privacy policy for your website. I will provide you some links here:-

a) Privacy policy generator:-
b) Privacy policy generator:-
c) Privacy policy generator:-

5. Link social media

Link social media, what does it mean?'s simple while talking about social media you definitely know what I am going to talking about. It is very important to link your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, youtube as well as Pinterest and youtube because all of this makes it easy to get approval while Adsense.

In many cases who don't link their social media account have less chance to approve the google Adsense. So, to be connected with social media not bad instead it grow your post.

6. Don't use Copyright Images

Don't use copyright images, what does it mean? It's very simple to understand never copy and paste other's website images. It's is illegal to copy and paste the pictures from other websites. Make your own picture for your blog post.

But if you want free photos then I suggest you two ways where you get a free image.

a) First, search the image on google you need then, 
b) Click the tools button which is just below the search option.
c)  Select the usage right option.
d) Then select labeled for rescue.

How to get approval in Adsense?

Now you can choose any images but sometimes it is also not reliable so I suggest the 2nd option which is to go to these websites and take a picture you want because it's free to use and no copyright issue. 

These are the websites:- 

7. Make your Blog post complete

Make your blog post complete, what does it mean? It's simple if you have done all of the above processes what I am saying then you are ready to apply for Adsense approval. But after making a unique article with right SEO boost keywords it is still incomplete because while writing a blog you not only need a unique title and post you also need clarity in your words like the way you write the blog article. 

Your article must be simple and easy to understand to others. Always keep in mind that the ready feel the catchy moment in your article to engage more. Check out my blog article too if you like the way I am writing.

8. Post in Google search console

Post in google search console, what does it mean? Yeah! sounds interesting, it means after complete your blog articles you need to manually post on google for ranking or indexing only after you gain traffic from google if you manually post on Google search console

It is the best tool by google itself which helps to index your post on google. If you rank on google people search for it and the organic traffic comes to your blog article which directly helps you to get approved the google Adsense.

Note:- This process is for those who start a blog without buying a domain like for blogger and WordPress free version.

9. Buy a domain

Buy a domain, what does it mean? Hmmm... it means you have to buy your domain before start a blogging journey. There are many packages and facilities while buying the domain. I include this point in last because if you money to invest then you don't need to worry about all the things. Some of the website names from where we bought domain are Godaddy, Afternic, Flippa, Sedo, FreeMarket.

Always choose that domain which hast mostly used or have high value in the future. This helps to rank on 1st page on google. Now there is no objection that after you buy a domain you get approval for Google Adsense.

How much traffic is required for Adsense approval? 

How much traffic is required for Adsense approval?

I think to get the approval of Google Adsense we don't need much traffic because if you follow all the above points which I described then you don't need to depend on your traffic. After you completed all the above criteria then google will automatically sen the organic traffic to your website and after 15 to 20 posts you will get the Adsense approval. 

But the traffic must be organic not from sharing to social media or anything other else because google gave priority to the organic traffic more than share. If you make more than 100 visitors or traffic to your website(blog article) then before 20 posts you will get Adsense to approve. If we talking about the time then it takes 30 to 45 days to get the approval of Adsense with 20 unique posts.

Note:- It is for free version user but if you already buy a domain then under 1 month you get Adsense approval.

Apply for Google Adsense

Now, talk about after the complete your 20 posts and gain 100 visiter per day you still don't get Adsense approval. In this period of time, you have to manually apply for Adsense which is quite easy to go to your google and type Google Adsense and click the first link then, click get started after that fill details which asked by google Adsense. Google will review your post and reply within a day. 

How to get approval in Adsense?

This way you can manually apply for Adsense. In most cases, Adsense will automatically give you Adsense approval after you complete the Adsense guideline but sometimes we also do as manually. After reviewing your websites if it comes under Adsense policy then you get Adsense approval if not then they will tell you to improve where you done mistakes. So, don't worry after you correct your mistakes Adsense will approve you.

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Why my Adsense is disapproved?

Why my Adsense is disapproved?

From the many topics, I would like to write a little about this topic because there is an easy method for approval of google Adsense but many of people do a lot of mistakes in various sectors like they don't make their own unique content, unique picture, they don't use the good permalink, do not post manually on google search console and etc. What you do is fulfill the all rules of Adsense then there is no chance to get rejected from Adsense. You will get 100% approval from Google Adsense.

This is my thought maybe you have better ideas than me. So, this much for today, don't forget to share this article.

Thank you!

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