When is the Krishna Janmashtami in 2020?

When is the Krishna Janmashtami?

|  When is the Krishna Janmashtami in 2020 |

Lord Krishna's birthday is celebrated as Krishna Ashtami. Krishna, the dark-skinned goddess revered as a symbol of King Vishnu, who taught Arjuna heroism the value of Karma in the Bhagwad Gita, Krishna was born at midnight on the eighth day of the dark August and it is also known as Krishnashtami, Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti. Now, let's move towards when is Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated basically in Nepal and  India.

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When is  Krishna Janmasthami?

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with Ashtami tithi, the eighth day of the black half or Krishna Paksha of the month of Bhadra on the Nepali calendar of Bikram Sambat. The festival takes place in August or September of the English Calendar. This year Krishna Janmasthami is in Shrawan 27 2077 (Tuesday, August 11).

Who is Krishna?

Lord Krishna is regarded as the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu. Krishna was a descendant of Vrishni (yadu vansa) of the Yadavas of Matra. He was the eighth son of King Vasudev and Queen Desaki of Mathura. He was born right in the middle of the night. His physical creation took place in order to put an end to the evil deeds of his evil uncle, mother Kansa. 

He was a natural child of Vasudev and Devaki but was raised by Nanda and Yasoda Maiya. Krishna's childhood is full of fun and love. His youth is sweet and is an example of love and friendship with Gopis and Gopinies. She was married to Rukmani. Gopini's lover was Radha.

Krishna plays a very important role in the Holy of Mahabharata. He was the Chariot Driver of Arjun. He was the main character who supported the Pandavs against the Kauravs to win the holy war of Mahabharata. His sacred advice is known as the Bhagwat Gita, where he taught Arjun about Dharma and Paap (Sin). He did not take part in the war, but he was the heart and soul of the Pandavs. The Pandav never won a war without his help.

He is worshiped by so many names: Krishna, Murari, Hari, Gopal, Shyam, Nanda Lala, Makhan Chor, and many other names. In fact, Krishna said, "just remember me, whatever the name, I'll be with you, if I know you're calling me".

He is called Krishna because he is black. Krishna Sanskrit is black (Black). He is regarded as the composer of the Basuri / Murali (flute). He loved to play the flute. He always had pipes( Basuri) in his hand. He played his flute in Brindhaban and Matura. Repeatedly, the vibrations of his music are always floating in the air and people's mind.

Why we celebrate Krishna Jansathami?

In Bhagavad Gita Krishna says, "In the event of evil and the decline of good (religion), I will be reborn in order to end evil and save Dharma (good)". Krishna Jayanti is the epitome/celebration of the victory of good/Dharma over Saitan/ evil forces. We celebrate this day to remember that when the pot of sin is full, the devil is finished and  God saves us. Krishna Janmasthami reminds us of the battle between good and evil and tells us that good always wins.

Historical Background of Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated all over the world by all Hindus, There is a tradition of keeping fasting until midnight. They enchant Slokas from the “Bhagwat Gita” and sang religious songs (Bhajans). The temples of Lord Krishna are decorated and bhajans and kirtan are played. Krishna Mandir in Patan Durbar Square, Narayanhiti Krishnamandir, and other temples of king Krishna are the ceremonial centers at Krishna Janmaasthimi. 

In Krishna Janmashtami, many devotees moved to the ancient Krishna temple in the ancient Patan Durbar Square to remain vigilant on the glorious night of his birth. As they sat together they met with their bodies fluttering in humility, the women sang many names of the Lord, 'Narayan, Narayan' and Gopal, Gopal '. Some sing ancient songs, some clap their hands, and still, others pray. 

Crowds of men and women slowly climbed the stairs between the seated settlers into the darkest part of the temple, where a large idol stand. Here, they donate flowers, coins, and food and wait for the glance of the Krishna Janmashtami festival at the Krishna Mandir idol. After the temple priest gave them a 'prasad' they went home. Beautiful crates/cribs with a small statue of "Balgopal" (baby Krishna), Makhan chor, are erected in all Krishna temples. Krishna Lila (drama) is performed during this festival.

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When is the Krishna Janmashtami in 2020?

Basically, Shere Krishna Janmashtami is known as the Janmashtami. According to the Hindu calendar, the Krishna Janmashtami takes place in every Bhadraparva but according to Georegion/world calendar, it takes place in August or sometime in September.

Krishna Janmashtami 2020,2021,2022,2023,2024 according to date and time.

2020:- 11 August Tuesday.
2021:- 30 August Monday.
2022:- 19 August Friday.
2023:- 7 September Thursday.
2024:- 26 August Monday.

Krishna Janmastami in privous year.

2019:- 23 August Friday.
2018:- 2 September Sunday.
2017:- 14 August Monday.

When is the Krishna Janma Ashtami in Nepal?

Krishna Janmashtami in Nepal:- Shrawan 27 2077 (Tuesday, August 11). 
Krishna Janmashtami in India:- Tuesday, August 11

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