The latest news about PUBG ban in India

The latest news about PUBG ban in India

| The latest news about PUBG ban in India |

The government will soon ban PlayerInknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) in India. Reports suggesting a ban on 275 apps have begun appearing online a month after the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps, including popular ones like TikTok, a UC browser, expressing concern for data security.

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The government on Monday banned another 47 Chinese apps that were apps for previously banned apps. a number of these include TikTok Lite, Helo Lite, ShareIt Lite, Bigo Lite, and VFY Lite, all of which are reportedly not available within the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. While PUBG isn't a part of the list, it's said to be below the scanner.

PUBG is one of the foremost popular mobile games in India and lots of other countries. In India alone, the app boasts over 175 million downloads. PUBG was developed by a South Korean computer game company called Bluehole. However, Chinese international Tencent holds a particular amount of share during this popular game.

The government is considering a ban on the game's war-torn format over data concerns. Several applications are on the radar for a few time thanks to alleged data-sharing practices with the Chinese government.

PUBG has been widely criticized repeatedly before except for a special reason. After receiving numerous complaints from parents and caregivers, some national governments across the country imposed a short-lived ban on the sports app due to its addictive nature that features a psychological impact on athletes, especially children.

PUBG, meanwhile, was committed to taking feedback from parents, teachers, and government agencies to make a secure environment that will enhance the gaming experience.

India's neighboring country, Pakistan, also banned PUBG earlier this month on the grounds of addiction that's detrimental to player health. Later, on July 26, a Pakistani court lifted the ban.

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