It is hard to approve Google Adsense? | Youtube and Blog post |

It is hard to approve google adsense?

| It is hard to approve Google AdSense? |

Google Adsense is an international website from where we can monetize our websites like youtube, Blog, WordPress, and etc to earn a certain amount of money. Google Adsense is the best platform to earn money worldwide in comparison to other platforms.

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And for your kind information, it's a very easy process to access the AdSense in the blog. Yeah! absolutely right it's a very simple way don't skip any word read all then only you better understand how to act you google Adsense within a month.

Create your Google Adsense account first.

-Note:- Go to the website:-

Now you might be thinking about what is that topic we already have an AdSense account and we only want how to approve our Adsense in a short and easy method right? I appreciate your feeling but many of you who are reading my article is still don't know about AdSense that why I am giving some simple tips or links to understand some basics about Google Adsense. Here is the figure with a link you click that picture or figure.

Now, after reading the entire page and making your Adsense account you are ready to link this google AdSense to your websites. Remember one thing today I am writing only about the approval of AdSense in Blog post not on youtube if you also need a post on how to activate google Adsense on youtube then comment me down below.

Is that my page is ready for Google Adsense?

This is the most important topic of entire the article. As you already know before you start the Blogging you must have a separate or unique Niche that has more possibilities to rank on the websites. And then your blogging is regular based or active. 

1. You need to show the Google Adsense that your article(Blog) is special or different from others.
2. Your page also has clear and easy to navigate by Google Adsense like alignment, readability, functionality.
3. As I mentioned earlier that your content must be unique and interesting.
4. Use a valid and working Permalink which helps you to rank on google.

It is hard to approve Google Adsense?

It is hard to approve Google Adsense?

Definitely not if you have all of these features ready which I mentioned above then you are absolutely ready for Google Adsense and start earning money. Now it's time for Bonus tips that how you can approve google Adsense within a 1 month...sound interesting let's get started by step by step:- 

1. First things first as I mentioned earlier that your blog profile must be complete and not only Blog article you also make your contact details, About details, privacy, policies, and other things as well.

2.  Make more than 30 articles with your unique words not any Copywrite and your blog article also looks clean and stable.

3. You have to more focus on your Keyword or backlinks while writing a blog article. If you don't know what is keywords and backlinks then DM(message) on Instagram id which I put in my last of this article. 

4. Choose free images or no copyright images from Pixabay or Pixels. Here you found the HD quality images for your blog absolutely free of cost.

5. Always use Google Search Console to submit your Articles. It helps you to rank faster on google.

6. You need to make your Blog traffic More than 100 per day until your Adsense will not approve. Traffic sources maybe different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and many more social media sites of your own.

7. Last Buy a domain I think it is not soo important as a beginner because to buy domain we have to pay certain money so this point is not necessary for all but if you have money then check for the best domain buying which is GoDaddy.

It is hard to approve Google Adsense
wait wait wait...

Note:- If you follow all above these steps then definitely you will be applicable for the Google Adsense program within a month.

This much for today I hope you understand it's easy to approve Google Adsense for your Blog. If you really like my post then don't forget to share it.

Thank you!

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