How to set up gigs on fiverr

How to set up gigs on fiverr

| How to set up gigs on Fiverr |  In this modern era everything is converted into digital sectors, so many people also engaged in many online factors for different purposes just like someone for earning money, someone for educational purpose, and etc. Relating to these features today I brought you the new topic which is how to set up gigs on fiver.

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As you already know the Fiverr is an international freelancer website where millions of people actively work as a freelancer and earn money as their requirement. so, why you left behind to grab these opportunities makes your Fiverr account and I will tell the upward process which is he to set up gigs on Fiverr. To Set up for new gigs on Fiverr is quite easy and we can make ready our gigs within 5 minutes.

After you make the Fiverr profile your dashboard looks like this as the given below:-

How to set up gigs on fiverr

One thing to remember as I already have a seller ID that's why I have switched to selling option after complete your gigs form your profile also looks like his so don't worry. you make your profile in Fiverr then you are ready for your next step which is making gigs and start to earn money online.

For making the gigs you have to talent in a certain field any I mean field it really doesn't matter but according to our generation, any field means the field which comes under the internet sector. Do you understand if any confusion then comments me below I will answer your question there?

Why we have put the gigs in Fiverr?

The main purpose of this article is to make money🤑🤑 by staying at home in an easy way but not only Fiverr profile you to earn money you have to set up some gigs on Fiverr to earn money. select your gigs like logo designer, simple art maker, backlink creator, QR code generator, photo editor, animation creator, video editor, content writer whatever you want. 

How to set up gigs on fiverr

Now you think it quite hard... hmmm... I think it quite easy to do your passion and they pay money instant of it and when somebody offers money instant of your skill we must try our skill to do more sharp.

How to set up gigs on Fiverr?

Finally, we reached to this topic. Do you get bored? sorry for all that stuff now start the process how to set up gigs on fiver.

1. A very first number one you have to see the option of gigs in the header of the Fiverr dashboard go and click there.

2. After that, your interface looks like this and you have to fill some details inside it. I have written clearly also inside the picture as you see still you don't understand then take the help of given side video.

How to set up gigs on fiverr

3. Filling up the 1st interface you have 2nd interface which is a pricing interface where you have to set 3 package Basic, Standard, and Premium package with their delivery time and your price rate. 

How to set up gigs on fiverr

The result given by you is filtered according to package eg:- if you gave basic package then you provide the customer with normal work or put the normal payment but in standard and premium you charge according to your service and features you provided to your customer.

How to set up gigs on fiverr

4. Now time for your brief detail about your gig. Explain what type of gig is yours and what type of facilities you provide to your customers. Make your clear description of your gig which helps you to force more and more visitors in your profile. 

How to set up gigs on fiverr

 5. Now the turn for the requirement document from the customer while you have taken any work what type of document you need to demand. 50% advance with their websites and customer's details.

Note:- In some cases people asking for a security deposit but you don't to that because you are here in this platform for earning money not to waste your money to others remember these things in mind.

How to set up gigs on fiverr

6. I think we are in the last stage of this which is Galley. In this section, you have to put your pictures or video according to your gigs which makes customers attract and increase your income.

How to set up gigs on fiverr

At last, the publish button appears and you just click and you are ready to share your skills also by earning some🤑🤑. Send me your profile photo of your favorite gig on Fiverr in my Instagram id which I link in the last of my article. Earn Money Online??

Note:- Sometime Fiverr takes the test of English grammar but don't worry you will easily pass out the exam don't leave that exam if it appears in front of you.if you faced then comment me down.

Thank you!

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