What is Blackout Tuesday ? Let me list some ideas for you.

What is Blackout Tuesday?

What is Blackout Tuesday?

Many of you have listened to a word Blackout Tuesday in your life right. So, today I'm going to tell you what is Blackout Tuesday actually. Starting from their definition, Blackout Tuesday was a collective action to protest against racism and police brutality

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This came into action originally from the music industry in the response to three murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. Blackout Tuesday took place on June 2, 2020Some outlets produced blacked out, silent or minimal programming for 8 minutes and 46 seconds the length of time police officer Derek Chauvin compressed Floyd's neck, killing him.

Where Blackout Tuesday start from?

Talking about where it started then I must say that the two-person named Brianna Agyemang and Jamila Thomas who works for Atlantic Records was posted the hashtags #Theshowmustbepaused in online calling for a day to disconnect for work and reconnect for their community and an urgent step must be taken to provoke accountability and do some changes.

Where Blackout Tuesday start from?

And for your kind information, those music industries where they work is the multi-billion dollar profitable company directly from black art and the main mission is to hold that industry into a large company and partners who do struggles, more efforts of black people accountability. That's why many musicians and recorders called the June 2 as a Blackout Tuesday.

What are the effects Blackout Tuesday?

There are many even happens during Blackout Tuesday such as  BBC Radio 1  Xtra is hosting a series of discussions and debates in support of the black community. Many people were posted a black square image using the Hashtag #blacklivesmatter or #BLM  which in turn lead peoples who were searching for those hashtags to find nothing but a blank image.

What is Blackout Tuesday 2020? Why people respect it?

 So, many people have encouraged not to use black lives matter hashtag when taking part in Blackout Tuesday, it makes hard to find another useful post for others. Instead of it, people asked to post the image without any hashtags. Spotify music company added 8 minutes 46 seconds of silence to select playlists and podcasts and replaced some playlists with a black tile.

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