Why Government cancelled SEE exam?


SEE exam cancelled in Nepal
SEE exam cancelled in Nepal.

As we all know the SEE exam has postponed from Chaitra-6 of 2076 due to pandemic COVID-19. All the student were returned to their home. Our national examination board declared the decision until the next announcement isn't declared.

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Bypassing time the stress among student is increasing day by day. some student leaving their habit of study and some have faced many problems while reading. Then many teachers take an online class for all SEE students through different sectors like Radio, Tv, Facebook, zoom, youtube and many more.

The class is ongoing for 3 months according to their time schedule.
But recently (jestha-28-2077) the government of Nepal officially announced the SEE exam has been cancelled and the result will announce according to their internal exam.

So, all the SEE student congratulation to you. Stay home stay safe.

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