What we do when lock down is over?

What we do when lock down is over?

Nepal starts losing lockdown in different steps.

The government has decided to allow private vehicles to operate in low-risk areas including shops, trade, business, and Kathmandu Valley by adopting health security measures. A meeting of the Council of Ministers held on Wednesday night has decided to change the structure of the lockdown and make the shop trade, business, and traffic easier. Official notification will be issued on Thursday, a minister said.

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As per the decision of the Council of Ministers, it has become possible to run shop business in low-risk areas including Kathmandu Valley as per the assessment of the local administration. It will be implemented after a formal decision is made. Everyone has to follow the safety standards prepared by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the health standards prepared by the Ministry of Health. No decision has been taken regarding taxis, long-distance vehicles, and airplanes. "These areas are not included in the current decision. After assessing the situation, they will be opened gradually," the minister said.

The spokesperson of the government, Communications and Information Technology, and Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada is officially making public on Thursday how to open, run, and what kind of business. The official decision will be made public on Thursday as the suggestions from all the ministers have to be collected in the cabinet meeting.

Nepal starts losing lockdown in different steps.

As the risk is high in some districts, additional orders will be issued by the concerned districts after assessing the situation there. Where there are less risk and fewer infected people, the internal activity will be more relaxed.

The lockdown that started on March 26 was increasing without any alternative. The pressure was mounting on the government to change the structure of the lockdown by adopting security measures. In the meantime, the High-Level Coordinating Committee had met several times to change the structure of the lockdown. However, the government is of the view that easing the risk of infection may increase the risk. Therefore, the government is hesitant to open the lockdown at once.

The government had earlier decided to operate about 4 dozen types of factories without safety measures. But even such industries could not function properly due to internal traffic problems.

Last but not least our government only opens the lockdown in certain steps but we must keep ourselves safe and live a healthy life. Stay safe stay healthy.


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