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How we earn money online from Fiverr?

Have you ever heard about a Fiverr? Yeah! today I am going to tell what Fiverr actually and how can we earn money from it. Let's start with its definition.

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How we earn money online from Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online Marketplace or Freelance services. It is the platform where Freelancers provide different services to the customer worldwide. Micha Kaufman and Shai Winninger was the founder of Fiverr. In february2010 the founder came with the concepts of a market place which was two-sided buy and sell a different variety of digital service offered by freelance contractors. Fiverr service starts from the US $5.

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Fiverr was launched in early 2010 and by 2012 it hosts over 1.3 million gigs. On June 1, 2010, it received a seed investment of US $1 million from guy Gamzu and other angel investors and in may 2012 it secured Us $15 million in funding from Accel Partner and Bessenger Venture Panters bringing the company total to the US $20 Million.

So how we earn money from Fiverr.

There is two ways to open your Fiverr account 

1) Click the link below:-

2) Follow the following steps

To start earning in fever you first set up your profile so the following steps for opening Fiverr websites and set up your Fiverr profile.

Step 1:- Go to chrome browser and click Fiverr and you will see an interface like this.

How we earn money online from Fiverr?

Steps 2:-After opening Fiverr you open a Fiverr web page and then you have to join or sign up for making your profile as you know you want to earn money right.

How we earn money online from Fiverr?

Step 3:- Now when you click to join you see an interface like this and you have provided 3 options to open the Fiverr account.

How we earn money online from Fiverr?

Steps 4:- Now you successfully open your Fiverr account then you managed your profile according to our knowledge like engineers, Google ads maker, Computer maker. If you are a blogger then you write content for others and you have paid your desire amount for it.

How we earn money online from Fiverr?

Some pictures of some owners.

#Look at this page there you paid money according to your skill.

How we earn money online from Fiverr?

#You also started your own business from Fiverr.

How we earn money online from Fiverr?
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