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  What is BLOG? How can we earn money with BLOGGING?

What is BLOG? How can we earn money with BLOGGING?
                                                                                  What is BLOG? How can we earn money with BLOGGING?

Have you ever heard about "Blogging" and the way to earn money from it?  Many people have failed to understand the concept of ''Blogging''. If you don't have any idea about it then it is the right place for you to understand what actually 'blog' is?  

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So, what actually ''Blog''

A blog is an informational or dairy style text entries websites published worldwide web. Basically, the blog's content includes text, photo, video, animation, Gifs, jokes, and etcetera.

                          But as you all know the present generation has a huge amount of competition in every field. So, many people even don't know how to start 'blogging' and earn money online.

How to start blogging?
       How to start blog?

#The following steps you have to follow to start a blog:-

     1. First of all, you have to open your default browser. If you are a PC user you have to open your Microsoft edge or chrome browser but if you are a mobile user then you have to open your own default browser.

     2. Then, type in your browser and click the left 9 dotted lines and again click to 'Blogger' like as in the given figure.

How to find blogger option in google?

         3. After clicking you will see the blogger is opening like as the given figure.

Blog start image.

          4. And you have to click on create a new blog button. after clicking that button you will found a pop out by blogger saying that create a new blog.

Create a new blog.

              5. After this, you have to fill up your title in which subject you want to write a blog and a Blogspot address related to it. 

             Note;- You must make your title and Blogspot address unique and verify through a blog with green color.


yellow color seen while filling blogspot address in blog.

How can we make the yellow color into green colur of blogspot on blog?

   Finally, you create your own blog. Now start to write what you want to write according to your passion and start to earn money.

How to create a blog?


BOOM! you have successfully created your blog. start your journey. This much for today. If you don't understand anything then just comment in the comment box.

                                     Thank you!


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